• who is this guy?

  • pptheTruth.

    can we get one song.. to play.. to judge.. and then see if we want to waste download space and time with this cdizzle?

  • mikey slangz roccz

    The album is amazing.

  • This is Krondon from Strong Arm Steady. I fucks with homies music.

  • T

    strong arm steady is whack

  • it aint hard to tell

    whack as fuck

  • yo

    listen to blu

  • billions

    Who ?

  • reall

    prod by dj khalil… thats ENOUGH!

  • poetic assasin

    Shit is ill!

  • Black Chalk

    looks interesting..but ya def shoulda posted one track to see if its worth dl’ing

    need beats?

  • Judge Dredd

    Krondon is dope and two singles from this record has been already been posted you fuckboys. You don’t know the artist then don’t post ignorant idiotic comments.