New Video: 50 Cent “Financial Freedom”

Financial freedom is something we all want. And for 50 Cent’s new video, he frees himself of all material possessions. Says Fif:

This was inspired by 10years anniversary of GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN I wrote the song so everytime i hear it it reminds me of it. I wrote it the day before yesterday shot yesterday it took me longer to find the beat than to actually write it.

I didnt shoot the 3rd verse for you to focus on the lyrics. no GIRLS, no JEWELRY, RAW ENERGY , its just me check it out

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  • Love/Hate

    I like this…

  • leti

    I thought 50 told elliot not to bother puttin his shit up ? or maybe that tweet was posted by the same men who shot at officer ricky?

  • Mark

    Not bad at all

  • zeerax

    loool this is trash

  • john

    Meeeh, good production but 50 lost it

  • Drakestan

    Track of the year

  • alPhs

    2/10, certified trash

  • rattlesnake

    what is this shit ? lol TERRIBAD

  • hage

    50 keeps delivering great stuff doe.

  • 44wade

    Dope. I miss hip hop like this. I hope it becomes popular again.

    50 is 1 of the only rappers that can talk that gangster talk and you can believe it.

  • WhyUWannaKno

    This shyt is fiya…that old Southside Fif….#damn!

  • Mx

    Not good at all, retire plz

  • ex6s

    Bad, bad bad bad

    Waste of time

  • Shee

    Worst track of 2013

  • Mo

    I haven’t really liked all these songs 50 dropped over the past year but this joint is dope.

  • trash


  • The_Insider

    This joint GOES! I hear the subliminals at Game, Supreme and even think he mighta went at Ross w/ that Ready 2 Die line (since he & Diddy thinks he’s B.I.G.). Anyway this & that I Get Money/In Da Club type of shit I like to hear from 50. Sometimes that Ayo Technology/21 Questions but he can keep Candy Shop, Amusement Park and shit like that.

    THE REAL!!!

  • Moe

    People who like this song have a serious problem.

    Certified bad.

  • 44wade

    I bet those people saying WACK are young kids who listen to drake and future smh

  • The_Insider

    Lol @ the Ross, Game & Ja Rule fans forcing negative opinions on some dope shit cuz its 50. Curtis could give you niggas a pound of the LOUDEST and yall would swear you be havin Mid that be better than that shit. LMAO.

    THE REAL!!!

  • E$CO

    Not bad. not bad at all.

  • Jerzzz

    Dope. This was what hip hop was. Real niggas “From the Bottom”. HA

  • @BlueScalise

    I love the comments on 50’s shit. Either its fucking dooo doo or its the best track this year. All artist should want to generate this type of response.

  • Numba Juan

    dope beat, quality verses….

    you cant deny this song goes…

    hate all ya want, this shit tight and im no 50 jocker by no means

  • wow

    this makes me feel like I’m pulling an all nighter on Guy Brewer straight Queens heat right here. like Crime Wave part 2. Hip hop needs this

  • U have to be a serious hater not to like this song or at least say it’s good got damn

  • esham the unholy

    Fuck you faggot niggas this shit is great,this is real hip hop done by a real nigga, not that flavor of the week radio bullshit yall jock.50 the real deal cause he got the money and lived that life. NONE of these other rappers can claim that shit-ross,montana, future…all fakes.

  • michelle michelle

    It’s better than the other music he has put out recently, but I don’t think it’s all that memorable.

  • NICE !

  • the truth

    cant do nothin but laught at u haters lol yall really have problems or yall afraid of 50 takin over this shit again u dont want real niggas anymore coz yall gay nd like to take it in the ass lmao

  • Gucci

    Dope track! What company makes that JACKET?????????????????????

  • Chronic

    It’s nothing special, but it’s just as good if not better then all the other shit people listen to now.

  • iDSGB

    Song was straight til the end then he tried to hypnotize me and I didn’t even pay attention to the last verse. Also bad marketing

  • rahrahrah

    Definition of ruthless. My circumstances were silver spoon compared to his, I can’t believe the lames and frauds we let into the game nowadays.

  • Davv

    Wack, please delete it from rapdar

  • akél

    I bet that ppl who listen to this also listen to t pain


  • Kyle P.

    Haters man. Ya’ll hate on 50 so bad. Go suck French Montana’s d. With his pushed back album that should never come out. Ja Fool fans and shit.

  • dmc

    I wish there was to keep track of peoples comments


    man this is what I like to see on a 50 cent post..HATERS!! ya’ll ain’t been around so much the last years, that means 50’s hot again….and this song prooves it!!! 50’s dropping nothing but HEAT lately!!!!!!!

  • 9th Wonder

    50 never ever lost it. These dudes that like garbage lost it but fifth a monsta


    Classic 50 cent, this, this right here nigga, keep ya drake and ross music ill stick to this real hardcore shit. This shit bangs, quality verse too.

  • This was dope.

  • quese

    He got dat 02-03 50 flow

  • really 23

    classic 5th

  • boomc

    man 70% of these comments are suspect, the timestamps of at least the first 15 comment are all a minute afterr eachother!

    when 50 raps, is like this nigga is literally talking on an instrumental. that 3rd was was dope. I wanna hear Raekwon spit over this beat!

    anyways, I was watching an old Smack DVD with 50 talkin in 07. look that shit up, that nigga predicted extactly whats goin on in the industry right now! His insight n influence is right next to Jay, difference is Jay drops heat consistently while fif been hit or miss.

  • People NEED failure. They thrive on it. It makes their life complete.

    If people say that this song is wack then there is absolutely nothing NOBODY can do about anything. This joint is vintage Fif. He spits hard and the beat is fire.

    People NEED failure. They thrive on it. It makes their life complete.

    That’s why you’ll have people hate on this, or make stupid stills of Beyonce at the Superbowl.

    People NEED failure. They thrive on it. It makes their life complete.


    ”or get dealt with i’ll break you off proper, you Ready To Die huh, too much B.I.G. Popa”

    Probably the most gutter song i’ve heard in a long time, hopefully there’s more songs like this on his new album. If this is any indication i’m deffinetly buyin the new album.



  • This niga is so out of touch…lmao

  • The Real Truth

    I can see the garbage southern music lovers has invaded this blog, I see why Rap Radar has fallen off so damn bad…. this track is nice…. raw lyrics…. not that BS yall hear on the radio

  • The Real Truth

    And 50 doesn’t have to make music for money anymore, he’s where all your favorite fake money having rappers want to be…. #Wealthy worth over 100 million…. no fictitiously but literally

  • Black Chalk

    50 on fire this year…looking forward to that kendrick collab nd the new single with em.

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

  • Kellz

    Jus look at the haters going nuts lmfao why are y’all here if this is trash ? I kno y’all gettin tired of da fake shit so I see why y’all niggas are listening pay attention dis is Wat we use to call good music. Wake up dis sucks but yet it sounds better then the dum tracks rappers keep droppin it’s better den ya favorite rappers hottest track. TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE.

  • Probably 50’s best verses in a minute.
    Beat was hard, real tough
    I see why people don’t like it though
    The beats today are airy, no samples & lots of 808 snare rolls

    So 50 takes it to his “G Unit if the future” mode & the kids
    who like to pop mollys and do funny dances don’t like it

    It’s cool

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter (I follow back, let me know ur from RR comments section)
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Gotta let kids be kids. Kids don’t know shit btw

  • havy


  • Los

    story telling from experience. this isn’t fairy tale music like Ross’s fictional releases.

  • Cmoney

    Fire, real hip-hop
    better than that started from the bottom now we here shit, and def better than the cops music


    smh all these haters i bet half of them are same guy different names this is fire what u want as a free track and video he got that classic 50 flow

  • ECU

    This is a great song. Real shit

  • Cobra shoot 22

    keep goin fif, this tough

  • Coops

    wow, 50 impressed me. sounds like the old fif.

  • jrose

    this is a dope track…. 50 killin every rapper out right now and hes been in the game….. fucking mainstream rapper dickriders all over this blog how does this suck but anything asap rocky ect drops is sick lol gtfoh lames

  • rosav

    Nobody delivers like fif…..This shit is real #southside


    ”When i win i’m a winner, when i lose i’m a winner, cause to my niggas yall niggas lookin like steak dinner”

    YN making multiple aliases and hatin smh…. This is the real Truth lived by a real dude, no bullshit that a cop created. Shits been on repeat since it dropped lol.

  • Emass

    This is it Right Here My Niggas!!!!!!! 50!!

  • Real.

    I can’t hate on 50. Shit, even that My Life song is hot. Major Distribution too. Street King Immortal will be fire. With Em’s next album coming soon, might be a good year for actual hip hop/rap.


    ”Nigga this is not a fictional tale this shit real
    we was sittin in the bookin, charged direct sale
    third shooter *bang* we was fightin for position
    shell casings out my nine flyin through ya mama kitchen
    paper we stacked it, pistol we pack it
    you fuck around we blow the heart out the back of ya jacket… bitch”

  • WestCoast

    Dope Respect 50cent one of the greatest , fuck the faker’s

  • akélff

    worst song of the year so far

  • Wall

    Thumbs up! When’s that album comin out though, 50?!

  • eastcoAst

    very bad.

  • Pet3

    thx god we had artists like Kendrick Lamar because 50 isn’t going to help hip hop with his garbage shit

  • Blackjew
  • Gonzo


  • brza

    Finally, he puts out a good record. This is vintage 50 Cent boom bap. Hate it or love it.

  • Cmoney3142

    these suckas can’t hate hard enough to bring this shit down

  • Drakestan

    Rap radar is falling apart they need to start getting back into real rap music not ymcmb n Mmg they need black hippy 50cent game n eminem n jay z forget the rest

  • W33d~RolL-Up

    on repeat

  • republic of moldova

    great music. vivant 50 cent

  • haha

    2013 and 50 Cent is still the biggest rapper worldwide next to Eminem, crazy shitt !!

  • holyshyt


  • matrix

    Sheeesh That Last Verse tho!! HIt Ya Spine A Stand Up Nigg Cant Even Stand Up!! DAMN FIF TAKE IT EASY ONE EM…CHUUUUCH!!!!


    for a rich motherfucka like Fif, this is some low budget shit. other artists put out better quality shit than this nigga and he’s worth about 250 million.

  • Black Shady

    this was actually good!!!!!!!!!!1


    ^it was created in 1 day

    I wrote it the day before yesterday shot yesterday
    it took me longer to find the beat than to actually write it.

  • 44wade

    for a rich motherfucka like Fif, this is some low budget shit. other artists put out better quality shit than this nigga and he’s worth about 250 million.

    read the description nigga

  • Anon DCPL

    Love this gutter shit. This that real shit. I hope his new album has joints like this here.

  • ctg

    The problem with 50 Cent’s music is he forgot what made him popular in the first place.

    It wasn’t the aggressive content. It wasn’t the bang bang, shoot ’em up, super gangster shit.

    It was his humor. His humor is what made him popular.

    His current music is devoid of humor.

    Without humor the gangster shit gets old very quickly.

    Throw a witty punchline in there every once in awhile Curtis.

  • ThisShitRightHereNigga


    hating on THIS!? but you want MEEK!? PUHAHAHAHAHAHA



  • Lundy

    There’s a difference between u not liking the song vs. it being trash smh…good shit fif

  • Shady/Aftermath

    THIS IS THE 50! the rap game needs. Bring back that harsh “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” rap shit. Fuck all these haters. They the same ones who be riding 2 chainz, French Montana, Trinidad James DICK!!! or the same ones who have grown up during this horrible era of hip hop. French can put out as many albums he want, none will live up to “Get Rich or Die Tryin”.

  • Me

    Cuts “Curtis” by Killa all the way back up

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    I bet it one person typing all the hate comments. *Ahem* Elliot haha.

    No but this is dope, he just made this shit last night too.

  • billions

    Damn 50 is out of touch …

  • Cmoney3142

    Elliot enough with the hate comments….
    100 comments, and it hasn’t made the top 5 posts?

  • bklyndre

    This is not a fictional tale this shit real…….nuff said…

  • Nickey Black

    nice joint Fif

  • internetthuggin

    can we please get rid of all these dumb little faggots that call music like this wack please….. if u say this is wack u just dont understand and can not comprehend what he is talking about….. please respect a true grind and hustle from the bottom up….the real story is the best story and will always last forever…… thats why there was no visual for the last verse. where do u think the lilwaynes and rick rosses of the world get there style from the real niggias

  • Truth Be Told

    rap radar is suspect.

    It’s 1-2 people here making several negative comments under different screen names. You clowns are do too much.

    This record is actually pretty decent. Never once did I think “this is the wackest song and should be removed from rapradar”. Can you clowns even hate realistically? Damn.

  • Wall

    It’s obvious that some dudes are here just to “hate”, probably without even watching the video.
    Dope nonetheless. Let’s see if it makes #1 Post, it should. 100 + comments.

  • Darrius

    Y 50 dont keep doin this type of music. We need this from 50. Throw Banks on it and we gettin busy again.

  • HOVA

    50 Cent is better than most of these rappers out today, but doesn’t get that respect. Who the fuck Meek Mill or any of these rappers to 50 Cent?

  • poetic assasin

    I dont really fuck with 50 like that – but this track will make u dropkick a fool

  • jl

    This is cinematic, epic.


    LOL, AT THE 50 HATERS. DONT JUST SUCK A DICK. ”CHEW IT”. ha ha ha . 50 came through..

  • TdE



    same niggas hating, is the same faggot niggas, who try to squeeze into them tight jeans, looking in the mirror, while bumping officers rozays lies. same niggas that be booty popping with no guns, in there momma house. same niggas that hearts would drop near gun fire and hood struggles. all the haters , ya know this shit bangs.

  • WindyCityG72

    Dope 50

  • 50 Cent is Another Black man In America,and Hes A Hip-Hop Icon,Its Too Bad you’re Never Appreciated when you’re Alive.This Mans Legacy Would Live forever and I Count Myself Privileged to Have Witnessed someone as close to Tupac and Biggie In Terms Of Achievement as Fif and Others ( Like Jay and Em Too ) – :FAZILLION, The Nigerian Rap Wiz

  • M.T

    Dope beat but i feel he could have delivered better verses. Overall its ok.

  • C-will

    This goes hard… The details in his lyrics, the way he puts them together is really amazing.

  • Ripped

    .Im from the South and this track is fire, who ever hating most likely listens to trash.


    ASS JUICE… put it nicely…..SMH

  • donut 125

    this is fire agressive content maculine rap music for men i aint hatin on your tight clothes molly POPPIN TWITTER BEEFIN SUCKER PUNCHIN OLD PEOPLE SWAGG RAPPIN ( i saw french montana face on a bus and this poor kid said he is better than jay z ) all hype culture 50 is from nyc i fucks with fifty because the nigger aint afraid of being a fuckin MAN in this its ok to wear girls clothes version of hip hop ……..

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    Not bad at all. Rather listen to this over all these young faggots any day.

  • Albatros

    Same old recycled lyrical content. There’s no growth at all. Plus the video is garbage

  • FanshaweLondon

    Eminem Co-Signed this “Kearley guy” toooooooooo dope!!!!!

  • FanshaweLondon

  • Cmoney3142

    not one of the top 5 posts has as many hits as this, yet its not in the top 5…definition of hate

  • Jay

    Next! Irrelevant ass 50CENT stuck in 2001


    50centavo es el mas duro. Esta cancion le come el culo a todos……ja ja


    OMG !, 50 let off on this shit. This song alone shits on rick ross last album.

  • 50 just shitted on them. 77,000 hits on you tube one day pretty impressive. and again this isnt even in the top five posts with over 100 comments. MMG gets 20 comments and makes top 5. come on really WTF right.

  • Realniggashit

    I fucks with it!!! I forever a 50 fan keep pushing 50

  • Sharp

    Damn the first verse was nicely descriptive definitely looking for SKI. Definite download

  • Del

    this is some quality street shit, I fucks wit it

  • nucky thompson

    this shit is hard…fif need to get back to this shit….fuck tryna fit in

  • @E7ienne

    D O P E !!

  • Jay Jones

    Straight fire, 50 in his zone…

  • Rick Ross MMG

    I be studying you 50. I want to be hard and gangsta like you. I know Im fake like kim kardashians booty. But I can’t help it. My fans and the state of florida are some stupid motherfuckers. You cant blame me for eating off them dumb fucks. I know I’ve been exposed, that even diddy cant make the critics go away. 50, I admire you since you droped ”how to rob”, Instead of having diddys little dick up my ass, I wish I had your magic stick in my booty. But as a fan, please 50, be easy on me. Let my fans think that Im hard body, please dont make me look like a bitch, cause my fans are getting tired of defending my fraudalent ways. They know deep down, that Im a bitch, lying to them in my music. they know your the real gangsta 50. ok, so plaese be easy on my booty, oh and I love your new song, I might copy it, I love you 50. sincerely ,your boy RICKY……ugh !

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    wish 50 would start doing new shit tho, i still think hes trying to hard toget back to his old stuff which is hard and fine, but to become more intersting he needs to start rapping about new content and move forward i dont wanna hear GRODT over and over give su like the blueprint 3 or something new talk about something else

  • Traksta

    Fif still the hardest rapper on the planet, SKI will be a classic

  • Real Is Real

    People that do not like this song are the younger generation that think that every hip hop song should be a club song or It has to make you dance or make up a dance. No, go back and listen to albums and not singles that you hear on the radio.

  • 50 that dude, but no matter what, he’ll never duplicate that raw emotion he had back then. Just listen to “U Not Like Me”, listen to how he sounds, even though he’s being witty, you can FEEL that shit and know it wasn’t no joke at the time, it was all raw.

    He need to just stay on that money talk and pull the curtain back on his life. He got one of the craziest stories ever, and barely touches on it except on his mixtapes.

  • Top Dawg

    Hahahabahahahahahabahaaha 50 CENT FANS, are putin a shit load comments, under different names! lmfao!! KNO1 LOOKIN OUT FOR FIDDY CENT. LOL CAN YOU SAY !IRRELEVANT! !WASHED UP!!!!!! “I’LL TAKE YOU TO THE CANDY SHOP” THIS DUDE BET YALL LLCOOLJ TO FAGS

  • LMAO @ Top Dawg

    Tell us your story buddy, about how you bacame a 50 hater and when it started ??
    Did he (50) not sign your man boob when you askd him to *sign here* ??
    Are you Gunplays girlfrnd lol ??

    Financial Freedom = a good song

  • Nickey Black

    This song really does go hard. I’ve, been listening to a lot of 50 lately, whether its old or new, and I
    Truly appreciate the brother more. I was disappointed for a while, but somehow I broke out of that.
    50 is true to form and deserves respect now and not when hes dead. The brother fed a lot of selfish niggas, and really didn’t have to. Anyways, this song is crazy and the video rough but short.

  • Nickey Black

    That Big Poppa line was hard also.

  • Nickey Black

    @SwayZ I agree when u say Fif got one of the illest stories around


    Fif dope when he wanna be

  • ?uest.


  • OK, guys I wrote all these comments…I know.. sad right? #GGGG G-UNIT SHITS ABOUT TO POP POP OFF (50 VOICE)

  • I agree^ 50 is the best ever!!! better then 2pac shits on Biggie and slaps Nas with his right hand well popin Jay Z’s lips with his left. NO ONE HAS DONE IT BETTER!

  • DONN

    Shit hot

  • 200,000 more views on you tube since my last post at 11:27 PM. song is hot on fire you cant put it out.

  • Polo

    y0, put this shit on the top 5 posts.

  • Bmjac

    Only 50 can get RR over 150 comments on a blog post…. Hate it or love it….


  • As Real As It Gets

    If you think this is whack then you obviously you never were a 50 fan. This shit is hard.

  • qbeezy

    so simply because this shit wack,, everybody who notices is a hater?? gtfoh

  • I thought this sounded damn good and I aint hear no heat like this from Fif in a minute. It was dope all round, I can’t see somebody who truly likes Hip Hop hating on this but yet we still have haters out here don’t we? Smfh

  • SeriouslyTho

    Fake persona put aside, there’s no question about it, Ross is a better rapper than Fiddy. Now does he have the mass appeal and power as 50? Defo not. But I personally think pen on pad, Rozay’s a better rapper.

  • havyd

    nice joint

  • JD

    This is strong shit 50

  • Ronnie Mack JR

    It’s not that its wack its just that the rap game has moved on from the whole G-Unit, Get or Die Tryin movement and its been YEARS now. Nobody’s chekcin for 50 anymore and his record sales have gotten progressively worst since GRODT.

  • Wall

    150+ comments doesn’t get you Top5 it seems…

  • the ripper

    I like this shit!!! That gutter raw shit…Game needs to take notes and go back to the drawing board… 50 goes hard!!!

  • JS

    this the 50 cent we need speaking that real street ish,,,

    YA have to understand this guy lived this life
    half ya favorite artist are fake speaking BS

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  • GAGE on my LAP


  • BlackDivine

    yea,this shit hard,this the type of rap i miss,too much gay rap nowadays

  • still not in the top 5 posts really……………………..

  • Blaxdon

    To quote what someone said earlier Fif is obviously for whatever reason In the Zone. Good pussy,his turn,10 year mark,inspiration. It don’t matter. This shit knock boy make you wanna punch an old lady in the chest

  • 44wade



  • wow

    Eloy – Isle of Sun


  • J

    Im really shocked at how small some of the minds are replying to this. You think someone should stop doing something because YOU don’t like it? Take a minute and think about that. Me personally i like the record. Am I less of a person than someone who doesn’t? FOH. I bet the same people heavily critiquing this can’t even play the scales on the organ it samples. Shout out to Buckwild.

  • Derek K

    All you faggots calling it garbage are probably some little wayne drake mac miller bitch ass fans. Those artists are hip-hop garbage. Hip-hop is garbage, but rap is what this is and i dont think you would know a good rap song if you hear one. This song actually has a story that is more then about pussy money and cars(hiphop trash) and shit anyone who liked good music would give a fuck less to listen too