Ralph McDaniels On The Combat Jack Show


Hip-hop pioneer and Video Music Box creator, Ralph McDaniels stopped by The Combat Jack Show this week for a trip down memory lane. Here’s what you missed.

It’s the Box That Rocks! Ralph McDaniels, founder of the seminal Video Music Box talks thirty years of history. Highlights include how Big Daddy Kane shot someone causing him to miss “The Symphony” video shoot, how we wasn’t fucking with Mr. Magic at first, gunplay at NaS’s “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” video shoot, running with a young and grimy Russell Simmons, allowing a young Jay-Z to play hype man for the Notorious B.I.G. and how really good he is in these streets. This is #RapHistoryMonth b. #Newmanati.

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  • It’s the roc

    Come on big homie, don’t you read over your post’s before you submit them? You in a rush to beat other blogs? Or you posting this stuff from your phone or something?

  • Dub town

    First 3 minutes is niggas crying bout black history.. Jews almost got eradicated and they don’t bitch half as much… Da fuck

  • it’s the roc

    Close Big Homie, but no cigar. Try again.

  • it’s the roc

    And we’re back! Good job Big Homie *nolia clap*

  • How Wonderful…

    @ Dub Town
    You’re right 100%, however if you educate yourslf and read the Willie Lynch Letters you will understand why blacks have difficulty making progress. The damage is done. Read it with an open mind, think, explore and challenge yourself…

  • Pardonmyswag

    Real hip hop shit

  • County of Kings

    @dub town u said jews don’t complain??? U sound stupid. And u probably haven’t educated yourself with how many men and women died during the trans Atlantic slave trade. Both sides lost an unimaginable amount of ppl, but Jews get the microphone and let they voice be heard DAILY!!!!

    Salute combat jack and the crew. Best podcast since Juan Epstein , combat is more frequent with episodes maybe ciph and Rosenberg getting too busy which is a great thing for their careers.
    Yn need to make his radio show downloadable. For those who don’t sit still long enough to stream a whole show