• Devante

    “Man you don’t no education for rapping,when your momma has control of everything and she gives me an allowance” – Waka Flocka

  • ness

    Hate his music but love his interviews he just real

  • Belize

    Yall cats dont know how to get dem easy comm service? Call me @ 1800-Ya-Boii


  • esham the unholy

    lol this nigga so retarded its entertaining.if he didn’t have 808 mafia on them beats- he wouldn’t be doin shit.I feel bad for the next generation of rappers who got waka as an influence.

  • onenutned

    how this nigga never ends up in the “you played yourself” section I will never know.

  • Real.

    He’s right though. You don’t need an education to trap. You do, however, need an education to be a good rapper.

  • real talk

    Nas dropped out of highschool…….

  • boomc

    Waka took a lil jab at Ross for talkin that big talk on the records

  • Black Shady

    I dont care…this nigga is the realest!!!! He always keep it 100 hahaha

  • the brain trust

    @ Real talk- Yeah he dropped out, but still received some vital education. You also have to remember that he was a voracious reader, so he was being educated outside of class.

    Don’t know why people tolerate this Waka guy.

    A truly terrible artist who doesn’t even understand the fundamentals of hip hop (how to tell when a rapper is a good lyricist).

    If that makes this numbskull ‘real’, then i prefer fake.

  • Black Chalk


    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

  • The education comment was lame but did yall hear the interview. Dude was keepin it real.
    And it seems he smarten up saying that what comes out your mouth attracts certain things.

    It seems like he’s changing it up makes curious as to what his new tape sounds like.