Trinidad James Joins Machel Montano In Trinidad

Trinidad James returned to his homeland earlier this week. At Hasely Crawford Stadium, he joined soca star Machel Montano for his annual “Machelements” concert. Alongside Pitbull and Shaggy, he performed “All Gold Everything”.

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  • Kemosabi

    Carnival back!!!

  • Rapradar dont let me not see my shit up on ya blog when i post it eh ……. we shadowed trinidad james for his entire time in trinidad 3 days of gold… Elliot Wilson… im shaking your hand before the year is out…. u read it here first

    Brent Wilson from Trinidad
    The Uggly (Urban Girls and Guys Like You)

  • im happy they leave the nigga nigga out of that song

  • It’s against the law for performers to use foul language in public arenas in Trinidad & Tobago. Ask DMX they locked his ass up quick the minute he started cussing on stage back when he was down here in 98 …… Dude didnt make it into 5 mins of his performance haha

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • @notorious Rambo…. just so dog?? ummm ok…. was just stating a fact… it really is illegal to curse on stage in trinidad … thats all #random… notoriousrambo smh u bloggers and ur silly aliases

  • Your Life Is A Lie

    Trini’s making a big impact in the rap game (Nicki Minaj and now Trinidad James), I guess the West Indies is the “New South”…like “Futher South” in the Caribbean Sea

  • zeee

    @notirious you are an idiot. in the Caribbean it is actually illegal the perform using foul language. At least everything america has has not infected the Caribbean yet and we are happy to keep it that way

  • Black Chalk

    will trinidad be relevant in 2014?

    need beats?

    no mainstream bullshit^

  • KK

    @NotoriousRambo Add to the conversation if you don’t like what’s being said #YouSoundStupid