• NotoriousRambo.


  • SaveHipHop

    Awfu tribute..should have only been Ziggy and Damian. Why would Rihanna Bruno or Sting be in this??

  • IIG

    I might not have loved the tribute, but respect to the Grammys for showing love to the GOAT!

  • the One

    That was the worst tribute … That woman that was trying to sing out their really suck shit …. Damian mashed up his minuet spot in the song other then that it was garbage.

  • Katherine Baybayan

    Simply put, disrespectful! No reggae sound at all!

  • Young Guru


  • WestCoast

    Respect Marly and Sting

  • This was really dope

  • 9th Wonder

    People seem to forget that america wasnt accepting of Marleys music and he was crushed by that early on. This tribute is a sign of how that has changed was it the best it could have been NO!!! But to be acknowledge on that big stage with so many incredible artist has to count for something. The room lit up and were the loudest theyve been all night, loud enough for Bob to hear them in heaven

  • tieltzu

    Typical. Reducing Marley’s music to a simplistic “Could you be loved” jingle. Bob Marley fought for African liberation. His music was the theme music of revolutionaries who liberated Africa from European exploitation and oppression worse than any internment camp for Jews. Don’t believe this white washed past people, no matter how many family members they get to participate.

  • sean

    This was the let down of the night, how you going do tribute and spend half most of your time do a pop song and than do one BoB song C’mon man
    they could have done better no in music as bob Bruno has nice reggae cut on his album that would been better on what he did
    and they need more than one song for bob

  • sunny

    what is the name of that rap???? please i love it i wanna downlaod it name pleaseeeeeeee?