• Leon Sandcastle

    Wiz looked like he was high as hell. Had that David Ruffin swag… body loose as shit

  • Aggie Pride

    Love this it gives me GOOSE BUMPS.

  • Truth Will Out

    Miguel aint fuck’n around lately. He looked at Frank Ocean and was like “you weird ass nigga…you had the 2nd best album of the year bitch”.

  • the brain trust


    Lool yeah, dude was swaggin’ on Frank. Kaleidoscope Dream shoulda won the best R & B album dammit!

    Although Channel Orange was great, I honestly think Miguel dropped one of the best R & B albums of all time.

    Dude sang his ass off here too.

  • This niga kiled it

  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    Wiz looked STUPID. Miguel sang well but FRANK beat him out.

  • FTW

    Wiz had us ctfu.

  • eastpointvet

    dude cant be touched in traditional r&b right now. I think Frank album was dope one of my favs from the year but it was different. he almost has an emcee feel to his music. Miguel is straight up R&B and for an R&B dude he killing the game right now.

  • Jaymalls

    Miguel > Frank by a mile! i was fucking with that Mexican ass nigga since since ’07 when he was wit Dre & Vidal all the damn time… writing for Usher n shit! He deserved the Grammy over Ocean!

    P.S. Wiz stole Snoop Doggs’ COMPLETE mannerisms! Dude is like souljah oy when it comes to “borrowing” styles!

  • brza

    Miguel murdered that performance. Dope.