• Tev Milli

    This shit hot!!!!!!!!!

  • Despite


  • Luigi

    I like. Eminem featuring JT needs to happen… maybe after the slim shady era passes?

  • LuxuryRap


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  • splenter


  • Tlyles

    THIS IS CRAZY! It is literally speaking straight to my soul man.

  • Scott

    This is pure brilliance, absolutely amazzzinnggggggggg song, perfect in every way. The way the beat changes toward the end is so great!!!!!!!

  • it’s gonna be a popular song, the lyrics aren’t bad either.

  • kbisburning

    2 for 2. This man is making a SERIOUS comeback.

  • D Twice

    Stop hypin. He good but this ain’t his best.

  • J

    This track is what should have been released first. Great track. That you are you are the love of my life is going to be stuck in my head all night now.

  • DMVinyourchick

    This is how music is made, refreshing after Hearing so much bullshit

  • beamer

    great song but just too long, needs to be edit down to about 5-6 min for radio, last part is too catchy tho

  • Awesome song for a come-back.. I reallyy like it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I remember when his last album “FutureSex/LoveSounds” came out i was working at the music store it was flying out of the store. This joint is cool. Timbaland & Timberlake are back.

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  • FuriouS StyleS™®

    Timber-FAKE is WAY overrated. This is not great.


    smh…..guess i jus cant take that voice for too long…..this is DECENT at best tho….KEEP CALM….Miguel got dis R&B shit covered

  • damn this track is dope!

  • Capricorn Religion

    Well damn….

    First album I’m buying this year… Em, Jay, and Kanye will be the last…. Oh, and of course Cudi too

  • KillaTesh

    THIS SHIT IS FLAMESSS….been on repeat all day

  • watchthethrone


  • Blackgodlover1979

    Dope track the end is serious …. I mean timbo ?????? Love it

  • Speaking of which

    The end is soooooo crazy. dope song

  • Speaking of which

    There’s a movie with this as the soundtrack happening right now

  • Lily

    I’ve been keeping an eye (ear) on London based producer Ludwig Amadeus for a while now and I’ve never heard anything quite like it. 2013 will be his breakthrough. You heard it here first 🙂 http://www.ludwigamadeus.com

  • reall

    at the end you hear the old timbo with crazy samples and shit…. 8.5-10

  • Obama

    I had no idea that this many homosexuals hung out on rap radar..

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