New Music: Lil Wayne “Karate Chop (Remix)”

Lil Wayne puts on his black belt and adds a verse to Future’s Autotune mess. The Emmett Till line is inexcusable, but the anecdote about his cousin raises some eyebrows. The song will appear on DJ Smallz’s This Is That Southern Smoke Vol. 4 which will drop during All Star Weekend.

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  • Rihanna

    Damn Wayne went hard and I think the little gremlin the devil.. The Emmitt Tilll line was wack but the verse is dope

  • Chino

    Wayne got bars for days!

  • Shady13

    Για τον πούτσο ρε


    if your dealing with a mess dont you suppose to clean it up not make more mess? smh this man once claimed to be the best alive LOL

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    Autotune mess? i hate this guy, man

  • fireeee

    Damn Wayne goes HARDDD on this

  • jonny business

    The beat is dope but WTF is they sayin ?

  • Los

    shit song shit artists shit bars shit beat shit shit shit. this is enough to make me never listen to rap again. you can miss me with this 1st grade music.

  • I shoot like ROBERT HORRY

    That Emmit Till line was fucked up…..Wayne wack as shit LOL

    Lil Wayne consistently spits weak ass verses hahaha

  • Los

    for the sake of discussion i’ll just pull something out…

    how can this karate chop garbage and that youtube link be under the same “music” umbrella. we need to reclassify this shit asap. this is noise. air pollution. it needs to be addressed, because it’s reaching epidemic levels

  • Autotune mess? YN had this song on his top songs of 2013 wtf what a joke pathetic

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Forever Wack Weezy !

  • Wayne’s verse would’ve been listen to-able had he given us a 4th bar instead of a laugh…and not tried to rhyme “same time” & “different phone” I’m still pullin for Wayne to make a comeback

  • K

    Autotune mess? YN had this song on his top songs of 2013 wtf what a joke pathetic

    thank you!

  • It’s the roc

    The definition of going hard or having bars always seems different for Wayne than everybody else. Wayne Stan’s, or Wayans for short, please enlighten me.


    yo B dot u need to talk some sense into old man Wilson he goin crazy

  • The Goatherder

    K says:
    Sunday, February 10 2013 at 10:27 AM EST
    Autotune mess? YN had this song on his top songs of 2013 wtf what a joke pathetic

    thank you!


  • VF#1

    Dope Wezzy killed it

  • J UK

    I thought the same thing about YN having it on his list!

    Inconsistent blogging going down, also, I listened to hear whether Wayne does go in (I’ve not been a fan since before Rikers, same as most) and it was a struggle to even make it that far through the track.

    Dropped a skating line within the first 5 seconds, and managed to reference molly. Awful.

  • J UK

    Wow, a skating reference within 5 seconds and a molly line from Wayne. No thanks

  • Luminous Story

    To the people that think Lil Wayne went hard on this song… LOL
    I wonder if you guys actually even listen to the lyrics or just dick ride Wayne. This shit is garbage.

  • Evil

    Absolutely terrible song.And fuck autotune,that bullshit belongs in the garbage.Its played the fuck out.

  • priime dawg

    I got one question. I saw how many comments this post got so I’m wondering Why are yall still checking for this guy?

    I don’t get it.

  • Phil

    When I heard “bump and grind” and had already read the “eye-brow raising cousin” line in your post, I immediately thought Wayne was going to say he was banging his cousin.

  • Jus10

    sounds like Juicy J

  • Dai

    WTF is this…..Wayne use to really bring his own shit to the table now he just sounds generic.

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  • trojan

    yeah wayne is a generic version of himself now, idc what ya’ll say, after 2008 he was done, but the fans stayed so he stilll going to win one-way or another…

  • Donn

    Sad thing is you guys will always click on a Wayne post. U keep him relevant

  • SaveHipHop

    Damn that line about his cousin was cold as fuck!

  • Lily

    I’ve been keeping an eye (ear) on London based producer Ludwig Amadeus for a while now and I’ve never heard anything quite like it. 2013 will be his breakthrough. You heard it here first 🙂

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