New Music: Lloyd Banks “Follow The Leader”

Premiered by DJ Kast One on Hot 97, Banks calls the shots on the first offering off his upcoming mixtape, All Or Nothing Vol. 1: Failure’s No Option.


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  • real talk


  • q.b

    WHere da FUCK dis lil nigga from…Talkin’ like HE FROM DA SOUTH PUSSY BWOY…Q.B NIGGA REP UR CITY

  • Devante

    Bank beat selection is so predictable…

  • Albatros

    Worst voice ever.

  • hahaha

    Jesus christ what were you thinking Lloyd?

  • III

    This is sick fuck what u heard

  • nnn

    I fuck with it

  • chris.

    NIGGA take FIF dick out ur mouth then I could av sum type of respect for U sir…LOL


    Greatest song that he’s ever made.
    G unit is the best.

  • Joe lake

    flabby and sick

  • Fuck a Fuck nigga

    I would listen to this guy but can’t listen to his fucking voice

  • the realist

    This is clearest I’ve heard him on his own music quality wise

    He ripped the verses.. hook is cool… but he doesn’t need to pick these generic ass beats everyone else uses for the Gangsta Grillz

  • Chronic

    I couldn’t get passed thinkin bout the beat, way too much tryin to go on in it. And from what I did hear from banks this isn’t his best offering.

  • hannibal lecture

    Piece out Lloyd Bankrupt 50 even said its a wrap!

  • Started from the bottom now we here

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • NotoriousRambo.

    PLK ALL DAY***

  • 44wade

    This is hot

  • BlackAnastasia

    Come on Banks with this 2Chains sounding Hook..SMH..

  • Strong Johnson

    Smh so tired of the down south sounding beats & hooks… It’s pathetic… NYC rap needs a fuckin identity. Some sound of their own… Even the established artists dick ride the south… Banks, Fab, French,Santana etc etc

  • The Real Truth

    I fuck with it…. and when he says South…. that means Southside Queens damn dummies

  • pptheTruth.

    whats this hate for his voice? not bad. flows are always on point rhythm wise.. sometimes verses get lost but otherwise banks always been ill

  • Real Rap

    This is directed to >> real talk,qb, devante, albatros, hahaha and all hatters!!
    Suck dick fuck boys, you shouldn’t have an input in rap music cause banks has style point blank period!

  • Albatros

    @Real Rap
    Lloyd Banks’ voice is fucking boring. Get used to that actual fact. He’ll never release another album again. He’s stuck with mixtapes, no more actual albums for him.

  • The track is flames but banks need to shoot a video for this and more videos in general