New Music: Gucci Mane x PeeWee Longway Ft. Waka Flocka “Breakfast”


We have no idea what a PeeWee Longway is, but he and his boss Gucci Mane are prepping a joint mixtape. Here’s their track featuring fellow Brick Squadron, Waka Flocka. Bon appetite.

Bonus: “Squad Car” video Ft. Big Bank Black & OG Boo Dirty

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  • Brutally Honest

    “PeeWee Longway” sounds like an old age porn star, worst rap name in history

  • Chronic

    I dunno what’s worse his name…or his “rapping”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis
  • That Django

    BIg homie I see you very quick to put that Drake video in the top 5post. Please explain why 50 cents “financial freedom” is not there when it has clearly generated the most interest(by viewing the number of comments) in the last couple of the days? C’mon you make it to obvious

  • B.Dot

    who cares?

  • That Django

    Get Ross dick out of your mouth Why have a top 5 post if it’s not reflective of the top 5 posts?

  • Gunplay

    They shall be no Gunit promotion until I get my chain back!

  • The_Insider


    The fans of Hip-Hop care. Yall niggas are bias as fuck and that’s your right cuz it’s your site but don’t get tight when niggas call you on your industry bullshit. You actin like Jay sensitive ass and nigga you aint Jigga.

    THE REAL!!!

  • Facts

    Crazy how even these administrating this website catch feelings instead of being objective

    Well at least Rick Ross is a dead man walking by now. Jumping on a dead dick won’t give em no more money….Ha!

  • mike get over yourself and do your job. Now get to working on some non bias hip hop journalism


    Fuck this! Post that Hoodie Allen track Cake Boy produced by !llmind. That beat is nuts!! The song is…. neh’mind.

  • HK

    Depressing. Niggas need to leave them drugs alone.

  • Jungle

    Gucci is that dude stop hatin man…how many rappers he put on?? Now how many did your favorite rapper put on


    @Mike ,Brian “B dot” and non bias dont belong in the same sentence. it aint gonna happen

  • brollya

    dat financial freedom got 168 comments and how it aint on the top tho….. nahright killin ya wit the music anyway….. ya went from hip hop til posting peewee music…. wowserz

  • ZzzZzzZzz

    Hahahaha #SALUTE *adds new gucci to playlist*

  • ZzzZzzZzz

    YOU NIGGAS ^ THERE COMMENTING NEED HELP Hahahahaha #brutallyhonest

  • ZzzZzzZzz


  • ZzzZzzZzz


  • Slim Baller

    Shut up 50 cent is beyond irrelevant. I’m with b dot on this one

  • brollya

    nigga get on a track and say labalabawabawabaholowala and get respected….. smh

  • ZzzZzzZzz

    #TTHHATTTSSS #IITTTT #NO #MORE #BLOG #FOR _ THESE “HIP HOP” NIGGAS RRRREEEAAALLLYYY THINK…. nevermind nevermind .. #SALUTE LA FLARE & HOV *steal laughs uncontrollably* #ITS #LIKE #THE #NORTH & #SOUTH #WILL #NEVER #UNDERSTAND GET *laughs* …nevermind nevermind… *laughs*

  • brollya

    u need to be in the crazy house jus lik gucci was

  • Chronic

    @Thatdjango I literally was thinkin the same thing about that 50 post the other day. Had twice the comments of YN’s gay ass segment yet somehow that was the number 1 post.

  • PistolPistol

    wack ass music

  • R2theT

    IRRELEVANT! check the dictionary if you gotta

  • Pee Wee is diffrent!