2 Chainz On 2 Broke Girls

2 Chainz made his acting debut on last night’s episode of 2 Broke Girls. In the episode, Max and Caroline hit the G5 jet with the rapper while en route to the Grammys. Drinkin champagne on an airplane.


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  • sellout

  • jobie

    Never understood concept of selling out, this appearance has no impact on his music

  • @jobie – if you don’t think what people do aside from their music effects the way listeners hear it, you’ve got no clue bro
    > this is a stupid show about 2 stupid girls that NO rap fans watch and NO fans of this show knows who 2 chainz is…
    – so the feature was not only stupid, but such a petty attempt for this OLD rapper to get cash that I call him…
    a SELLOUT!!!

  • that brunette’s got some nice boobs tho – that super bowl commercial was hot too

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Good lord…you got some hate on your lips. What do you do for a living? (Hate) What ever it is (Hate). if you do anything else that doesn’t have to do with your job…YOU ARE A SELLOUT.

    That’s your reasoning not mine.

  • MiYayo

    2 Chainz blew the fuc up!!
    Good shit

  • I shoot like ROBERT HORRY

    Personally I don’t like 2 Chainz so this SELLOU shit is funny to me

    I know ya’ll 2 Chainz fans mad as FUCK he on this WHACK ASS SHOW…Bumass nigga got nominated for a grammy smh

  • Piringle

    It was white people funny… Not bad at all.

  • Prophet

    If he didn’t titty fuck Kat Dennings he lost.


    good for him, he went from being Ludacris’ flunky, to now being more popular than Ludacris , I aint mad at ’em


    This just proves that white people dont know shit about hiphop…But since he’s down with kanye, so Im guessing kanye must’ve sucked some mean old white mens dick, for 2 chainz to be put on this wack ass show…….only down hill from here………..

  • Kemosabi

    What’s with all the gay talk though? And I won’t judge the show because I’ve never watched it either and dos chainz won’t change that either.
    Kat Dennings got some big ass titays
    *Tron Carter voice*

  • Leon Sandcastle

    This show is actually pretty funny sometimes. Kat Dennings (^apparently that’s her name) is bad too.

  • Kat Dennings is a sexy white girl
    First noticed her in 40 year old virgin
    she was Steve Carrel (Andy) Girlfriend’s daughter

    Oh yeah, 2 Chainz was a on a cheesy sitcom

    I guess he learned from other mediocre rappers who have some fame
    before you end up in “love & hip hop 19”

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter (i follow back , let me know you’re from the RR board)
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    All I want for my b-day is Kat Dennings sitting on my face
    (not as catchy a hook , i’ll admit that)

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