• Kush

    This song is so whack lol why do NY radio stations play this nonsense ass nicca Jeezy in every other song they stay milking him

  • sonny dont lie

    lmao @ jeezy trying to catch a buzz off that cali shit

    he seen tyga single numbers rofl

  • freddie gibbs

    fuck jeezy he aint no real nigga…nigga where ma money at ASS-HOLE

  • NYKIdd


  • Real Talk

    Fucc y’all Niggaz Hating on niggaz all of you hating on this song are the same niggaz singing lollipop with wayne like yeah that’s my shit don’t love a song… can’t relate to a song… just shut up and go to the next one you guys ain’t the one giving money to them niggaz They gotta do what’s best for them to get that paper and it’s y’all fault if Nas don’t sell alot and y’all niggaz be like Nas deserve a grammy more than Drake than Why Nas did Went Platnium yet with iz Album and Drake album did Nigga plzzz Stop Hating on Niggaz and Support Niggaz that would be better for Hip hop no wonder why we ain’t televise on the Grammy we don’t support each other so how do we expect others to support US FUCC y’all niggaz R I P i just Kill you Bloggerzz RIP RIP RIP RIP

  • DoinTooMuch

    The first four comments are by people who don’t get pussy. smh This song go hard BTW.

  • Scrilla

    This the hottest song of the year by far

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @sonny dont lie. I can see your not a bright guy. Jeezy stay dropping hot music. Do your homework.

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