New Music: Asher Roth x Curren$y “Dude”


Happy Ash Wednesday, dudes and dudettes.

So I’m headed to Europe for a couple weeks and in preparation I’ve realized that it’s ASH WEDNESDAY. What would Ash Wednesday be if I didn’t release a tune? I wanted to drop you a track I did with my fellow happiness enthusiast Curren$y. I don’t know if you’ll be giving up anything for Lent, however, I hope it’s not pot brownies. Enjoy! European Tour Tickets:

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  • HK


  • GRAMZ Kash

    What’s better tho lol

  • Black Chalk


    need beats?

  • brollya

    i dont fuck wit dude lik dat but he been out a minute and stil aint let this fame get to him

  • TUV

    Honestly I keep trying to see why people like Asher Roth AND Currency (more currency) and I don’t see anything hot or nice about these artists. This beat sucks to me, sounds like an amateur made it and Asher Roth’s verse isn’t GARBAGE, but it isn’t NEAR hot either. Like honestly, what was ONE hot or memorable line on this.

    Currency, I can dig his personality… ok he likes to smoke, he has a Ferrari, but his bars ain’t like what people be hyping up. His beats are hot, but how bout his hooks? Verses? His verse was just cool on this one too, but I guess I just don’t see the shit

    no replay value

  • Faded

    @TUV if u smoke ganja then you know exactly why you like them

  • This is a jam. Asher and Curren$y are both great artist that the industry hardly knows how to handle.

  • TOY-T


    Can’t violate the JET code without penalty
    Even family get let go “Fredo, you killing me”
    I work hard, bloggers thinking that it’s 10 of me
    Dropping record after record like them bitches slippey

    U dont have to like curren$y but this dude is ridiculous…..
    great work ethic
    and drops dope music

  • zw

    is that kool ad?

  • Safe Dwade

    Fucking swag dude

  • chill and ill

  • This is dope

  • Yeah. This shit is definitely dope. Niggas gotta kick that convenient amnesia/narcolepsy shit they apply to certain artists like they feel are worthy of bein’ overlooked. I hate oversights, homey. If not for Curren$y (And the flow that was jacked,or borrowed rather, from him, courtesy of Cameron-Jibril Thomaz), dare I say that “Kush & O.J.” wouldn’t have been half as big the project it ended up being for Wiz. Wiz used $pitta Andretti’s anecdotal prose style all over that tape. That’s when Wiz was probs at his best lyrically. Thank you very much to The Black Michael Knight. BRRRRDURDUR!!!!

  • loki

    Asher is clever and this is definitely an Asher beat, Curren$y is a good compliment to Roth. This is good stuff.