New Music: Rocko Ft. Future x Rick Ross “You Don’t Even Know It”

Just in case if you don’t know, Rocko is dropping his Gift Of Gab 2 mixtape mañana and here’s his collaboration with Future and Rozay. Produced by DJ Spinz.


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  • mrholloway


  • PassDaGrinderPLZ


  • Jerm

    Ross with that Date Rape flow.

  • Yall know

    Damn ross killed dat shit, dont even hate



  • cockINass

    Lmao @jerm date rape flow.

  • MrDope

    This. Is. Pure. Garbage.

  • Slim Baller

    LMFAOOO @ “date rape flow”

  • bklyndplomat

    Put Molly In her drink, she ain’t even know it?? Cmon Ross u sounding like mystical

  • Slim Baller

    LMAO. Ross sounding creepy as fuck but regardless this is a banger probably one of rockos best songs…lol




    Dear Mr. William Roberts & Mr Karter mainly:

    as a F.E.M.A.L.E. ..

    as a W.O.M.A.N.

    as a G.I.R.L. AS a D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.

    as a MOTHER who is and will A-L-W-A-Y-S be the “GIVER OF L.I.F.E.”

    I just wanted to let you know that although your musical production is hot, you seem to have little REGUARD FOR US (females) . We know your work persona & the real you are two different people but do you guys even C.A.R.E. about the ramifications of just what the FUCK you’re saying to the MILLIONS of Impresssionable ears of which whom you are instructing to “R-A-P-E”? I mean REALLY Ricky? Maybe the GD’s shoud’ve taken you out when they had the CHANCE because you have “TRULY BECOME A GODDAMN DISGRACE TO THE RACE”.
    You see, a LOT OF B.L.A.C.K. MALE RAPPERS SEEM TO HAVE SUCH “LITTLE RESPECT FOR US (females) you DISREGUARD US (black women) most of the time in your music videos DISREGUARDING our MULTIPLE SHADES OF B.E.A.U.T.Y, You always seem to SHIT ON US at every turn WITH THE LYRICS in “MOST” of your songs & Music with VERY LITTLE “PRAISE” but “HIGH” DISRESPECT now WHY IS THAT? DO YOU REALLY H.A.T.E. US (females) THAT MUCH? Some of you RAPPERS have daughters of your own now would you want her to be “DATE RAPED” Instructed by Mr. Ricky himself? A “DATE RAPE FLOW”??? Are you kidding me?? WOW! what’s the world coming to when you’re cool listening to a man talk about “DRUGGING A FEMALE, hAVING “SEX” WITH HER WHILE SHE’S UNCONCIOUS & THINK IT’S FUNNY? Have BLACK MEN REALLY “SUNKEN THAT FUCKIN LO”? I GUESS THEY HAVE. ARE “FEMALES” supposed to be COOL WITH THAT just because that FOUL MESSEGE to slip a MOLLY in a females’ drink & RAPE HER while she’s UNCONCIOUS has been DRESSED UP IN A NICE SMOOTH BEAT?? DOES CORPORATE AMERICA REALLY GIVE YOU THE RIGHT THE PERSONALLY “DESTROY” YOUR O.W.N. FUCKIN RACE?
    Or does it NOT MATTER as long as you make a buck. But I guess when you GREW UP “P.O.O.R”. now that your MAKIN SOME CHANGE “RIGHT NOW” the future generations doesn’t seem to matter to you.
    You guys are going around OFFENDING so many people and you DON’T EVEN SEEM TO C.A.R.E. and you wonder WHY YOU GET KICKED OUT OF GAMES i.e. Lil Wayne or you get shot @ Ricky Ross/Rozay or whatever the hell you want to call yourself this week. It’s called K.A.R.M.A. If you PUT THAT SHIT OUT THERE IT’S GOING TO COME BACK TO YOU…it DOE’SNT MATTER “WHO-YOU-ARE”. Spiritual Laws are Spiritual Laws.
    Lil Wayne has ALSO – BECOME – A ONE-DIMENTIONAL- RAPPER always talkin about his lil pecker and “NOTHING ELSE”! Where’s the true LYRICAL GENIUS STUFF YOU “USED” TO POSSES LIL WAYNE? You had it BEFORE YOU GOT “LOCKED UP”…..what happend? Did you DROP THE SOAP one too many times in JAIL or something because quite frankly, we are TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT YOUR DAMN P-E-N-I-S okkk?”
    To make a long story short, some of you all need to STOP & CHECK YOURSELF because FIRST AMENDMENT or no, words are very POWERFUL Ricky you should know that by now son… WHAT-THE-FUCK-IS-WRONG-WITH-YOU??????

  • Holla

    Keep the grass cut so low you can’t even mow it ……. #Banger

  • TheMaleCastrator

    YESS!!!! ‘U BIG DUMMIES’ i definitely agree with you!!! “put MOLLY all in the champagne, you dont even know it, I took her home and I enjoy that, she aint even know it”. This is a disgrace to the human race. Is it really cool to take advantage of women? Putting this shit in peoples heads. Its sad. I will cut all yll dicks off and nail it to the wall.

  • Nene Ali
  • MARTinappropriate

    date rizzape ha

  • Koyance

    Did Rick Ross just say he raped her hummmm that nigga creepy now i know why Reebok dumped that nigga i thought they was lying.

  • dat nigga

    best UOENO

  • You can bling yo mouth with iced-out grillz at you don’t even know it.