New Video: The Weeknd “Twenty Eight”

Haunted by images of an ex, Abel shares his dark twisted sexual fantasies in the latest visual off his Trilogy set. Hopefully, you’re not afraid of ghosts—or girl-on-girl action.

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  • TheOne

    Dope XO all day

  • Dr Drum

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  • Faded


  • Bane

    The Weeknd > Frank Ocean

  • Truth Will Out

    1. Crazy Video!

    2. Average Song @ Best

    3. You have young teens on here. YN & B Dot, Irresponsible very Irresponsible!!

    4. Now let me head to Redtube to see some real porn!

    –Truth Will Out

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    The weeknd deserves a grammy for his work
    Fuck Frank Oceans faget ass

  • brza


  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    the wknds kinda ugly lol

  • DetroitStampingSwag

    Tell The Truth Big Home with the looks like Girl on Girl action line LMAO!!!!!

  • room2roam

    *sigh*. crack and lax parenting fukked the young adults of today off. no limits, no respect, no values, no morals. true everything that happens today has taken place for years but in a more inconspicuous form. how can a child be a child with such easy access to shyt like this? ok song tho