Uncle Murda “Funkmaster Flex” Freestyle

“Then the Jay-Z deal came and went. Started thinking, ‘Damn I was better off with 50 Cent.'”

From the ongoing beefs down South to the mishaps with G-Unit and the Roc, Uncle M kicked an entertaining rap over Drake’s beat while visiting Flex. Pick up The First 48 over here.

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  • starBWOY

    diz DA only nigga DAT could save NYC on a music tip…GUTTA MUZIK

  • cilla craze

    real shit,uncle murder been that dude for years,slow niggas catch up

  • The Real Truth

    he wont getting off the bench regardless who he went with

  • The Nigga You Love To Hate

    Them Flex Rants Are Classic lol

  • Truth Will Out

    After all these years this nigga still don’t give a flying fuck. He knows he’s on borrowed time #DornerShit.
    Can’t blame him for that. Give him some $paper$ while he still breathing.

    –Truth Will Out

  • Judge Dredd

    Ha….. Uncle Murda the only person to shut Flex up and keep him quiet ON AIR….Huh??

    Van Citys Finest. Do To These Bitch Made Rappers Like Vaginas. Bet I Go INNN!!

  • Uncle Murda is to hard for today’s industry

  • matrix

    This nigg reps my city proper Lmao…So gangsta wit it…

  • Ra’Nique

    Thats that dude right there… #BROOOOOKLYN

  • zeee

    all he need now is that hit song and its over

  • Murda be on his job.he should get a good look from somebody.he did his thing too.
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: http://youtu.be/TMmOpNbb2J8