New Music: Ace Hood “Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)”


The cover art should give it away, but below, Ace Hood becomes the latest to customize Drake’s new single. When does it end?

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  • the RR crew are some dick riding groupie bloggers who contradict their own “Blackout”… check the sidebar.

  • LOL welp here’s mine too
    Loch Drake Started from the Bottom Freestyle: via @youtube

  • and plus ACE HOOD sucks.

  • Love/Hate

    No thank you…

  • We give Wiz his props

  • Johnny Ryall

    It’s a dope beat that Drake put out there but really didn’t fully go in on, am I wrong? Drake kinda held back. So with a dope beat and a universally relatable concept expect many verses to be added after all this is hip-hop and Drake’s street record isn’t sacred, or are we giving him some sort of special status here at RR?

  • joey

    if ur not wayne,kanye,eminem,jay z or drake u can not truly say started from the bottom now were here!!

  • Tut

    Damnn yas niggas stay hating lls why click it if you going hate? Lls ya funny

  • liljimmy

    We gon have a mega remix maybe or lil Wayne freestyle to end all this.. The lyrics of Waynes freestyle gon b like ‘started from da pussy now we here’.

  • veesky

    I kinda agree with @Johnny Ryall, the original song wasn’t even 3 minutes so while maybe people could stand to let it,”breathe” it would be nice if someone really went in on it…maybe

  • DIGGSY!!!

    when does it end? when you quit postin it

  • Chronic

    I don’t get why anyone really gets mad when people do freestyles to beats, especially when the beats so good. You get to hear free music, and if you don’t wanna hear it then dont listen.

  • poetic assasin

    Ace didn’t start from the bottom? Decent freestyle.

  • Neezy

    This is better than Drake’s though, what’s the beef?

  • Young Guru

    Started from the bottom Ace? Ace you still at the bottom you DJ Khaled dick rider. FOH

  • zezzoi

    Ace hood doesn’t suck. He’s actually a really good rapper imo, but as a person he just doesn’t bring anything to the table. Doesn’t have that IT factor like the current mainstream artists have. Can’t really put my finger on it

  • zezzoi

    Lotta people be stealing Ace Hood’s flows…People who deny it don’t know rap…