New Music: Usher “Go Missin”

go missin-cover

After last year’s “Climax“, Usher keeps the tradition of new music on lover’s day going by reuniting with Diplo for his new electro-love ballad. Bet the ladies won’t go missing after this one.

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  • Chummuk Chalo

    Surprisingly dope

  • Truth

    Remember when Usher made R&B music?

  • The Truth

    Remember when Usher made R&B music?

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  • This is dope, tho!

  • xp

    @The Truth remember when you used diapers and sucked breast milk? (Hey maybe you still do) Its called progression and trying new shit. And this is not that far from RnB btdubs. At least it’s not the straight vanilla dance house that’s in the radio. Everyone can’t be pleased

  • i haven’t heard a good R&B song in a while now its all dance music smh

  • Young Guru

    I wish Usher still made r&b…it’s just not the same. look at the record sales. He went DIAMOND with confessions. Good r&b still sells. Artists just don’t have the patience to craft good r&b so they attempt to monetize shitty edm music quickly.

  • poetic assasin

    Fool how long ago was confessions? What r&b album since then come even close to that? Let the man do his thing. Want the old Usher listen to his old albums- this joint knocks.

  • Tef

    @Young Guru, I’m real critical of these bullshit uptempo electric records he’s been putting out for the last few years also. I understand artists have to stay relevant, but the problem I keep seeing is that these legends keep trying to fit in with the new artists when it should be the other way around. Mary J. still trying to dance in videos and get crunk when she can put out a full soul album. Let’s be honest. Usher is making music for Bieber fans and white clubs because that’s who actually purchases his music. That Let me love you down as a single sold more than the entire Raymond vs. Raymond album, as a result, he didn’t even bother making videos for the soul tracks on that album, I’d prefer he did a soulful album, but he knows that won’t sell enough.