New Video: Chris Webby “Fragile Lives”

Friends come and friends go. And in Chris Webby’s new uplifting video, he profiles some of the ups and downs of his fellow peers. Tomorrow’s never promised, so download Bars On Me today.

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  • Started fron the bottom now we here

  • G

    This is some good shit. Surprised so many people hate on him. He aint bad

  • Connecticut. #readywriterz

  • really?

    Webby been awful… Wonder who his agent is that you are posting his stuff

  • ECU

    Deep track

  • really?

    Now all his friends come on here and write nice things.. Come on RR I used to respect your blog!

  • Biggavelli


  • M

    All these haters can’t spit half the bars webby spit. FUCK YA’LL

  • Ooph

    I saw this dude SeFF opening for Chris Webby in NY last week. Shit is pretty tough…I was surprised.

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  • Peekay

    Say what you want, I’ll listen to this over Gucci Mane, MGK, or that Master P ‘supergroup’ ANY day.