New Video: Gunplay “The Hard Way”

Judging by this guy’s rap sheet, Logan loves learning things the hard way. Now off house arrest, he turns the tables around in his new clip off Cops N Robbers. Directed by Dre Films.

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  • Is that a swastika on the back of his neck??

  • bcro28

    @Sebastian, yes it is. this nigga gunplay might be the dumbest dude in hip hop by far. Get your chain back then talk.

  • didnt even watch or listen but its garbage..

  • king

    this nigga got a swastika? man fuck this nigga coon ass bitch…

  • dumb asses

    swatzika is a anicent indian sign that originally meaned peace, hitler used it and now people think it means you hate jews/blacks/fags

  • dumb asses

    oh and this shit is wack

  • king

    Crips originally meant = something good at first to.

    gunplay = peace…. fuck outta here…

  • majormar

    Gunplay that dude got more bars than asap rocky and all these other new guys. Joet badass they alright but they not real


    i liked him until I seen the swatzika

  • onenutned

    this nigaa be spazzin on shit…best nigga on mmg