Tyler, The Creator Wolf Cover


We get literally up close and personal with Tyler on one of the three covers of his next album, Wolf. He also notes that there’s new music coming tonight. Alternate covers and promo clip below.

wolf covers

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  • Devante

    Lol that’s too funnt

  • Word

    The alternate one with him on the bike is actually dope. Guess that’ll be the one I use when I DL it.

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    I’m expecting big things from Wolf, so it’s very exciting to have a date on what is already highly anticipated. Tyler has said before that Wolf will be completely different from Goblin, which gained him so much notoriety last year. If you’re familiar with The Internet, he has said that Wolf will have a much more ambient feel similar to the duo. What I’m really curious to find out is who will feature? I guess we’ll know soon enough!

  • RappersDon’t WrapUp

    Gaps are prominent genes in prodecers *TruthTelling*

  • dave

    im actually lookin forward to this.see what new stuff he brings to the table.i like that he didn’t over saturate the market like mmg or lil wayne and left room to let your work breath.

  • fuck you Tyler

    this the 2nd time Ive seen Tyler make lil racist remarks about Mexicans yet you surrounded by them in LA and you love my Mexican sisters…

    not feeling that or his subpar rapping

    fuck you Tyler…your 15 min. should be up any moment

  • Black Chalk

    hype for this album…one of the few artists who doesnt over-saturate with material..you can look forward to projects and then enjoy them for a while.

    need beats?

  • Genesis

    Excited for this…. Tyler is the man…. Plain and fuckin’ simple……

  • tucq

    Props for a unique commercial.

  • Chronic

    OF was smart, they just pumped out tons of free music till they got big, dropped a bunch of major debuts, and more free music to make use of the hype. And now that they’re somewhat established, or at least got a cult following, they can afford to work on there music like eminem, jay z, kanye, and drake do. They realized that if you over saturate people eventually just lose interest cause all your songs sound lazy and the same.

  • naaah

    @fuck you tyler….

    you must be stupid or cant see/ read well.

    that is L Boy talking about the mexican from home depot…

  • naaah

    @Chronic…. look what lazy sounding “all the same” type songs did for the Carter IV

  • Young Guru

    Tyler is lucky Frank Ocean exists. otherwise he would’ve been back to bagging groceries a long time ago. Homie is saving his hype. He’s trash

  • As Real As It Gets

    Look @ the eye on the tree of that second cover. Smh. Earl needs to quit BS’ing and drop his LP. He’s 10x’s better than this fool.

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  • Devante

    Odd Future has grown into a cult he’s gonna do 50k first week no problem

  • Slim Baller

    Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for him. Can’t wait for him to leave the rap scene

  • Safe Dwade


  • yo

    this is whack

  • stuart scotts eye

    Dave matthews featuree alriggttt wasnt expecting that one

  • Erica Badu tho?!?!?

  • fredtheFATson

    This guy Wack as Fuck

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Glad someone said it.

  • Facts

    So this is what it has come to, hanh?

    Who would have thought it would be that bad within such a short span of time

    I blame most of y’all

  • c


  • c


  • Genesis

    Golf Wang….. I fucks with that tracklist…. Interesting song titles and features…. Ready to download the fuck out of this leak… I don’t pay for shit that I can get for free…. Personal choice…..

  • Biggavelli

    This isn’t the real tracklist…..

  • Dai

    this is interesting cant say good or bad til u hear the work.

  • Peekay

    hahaha @ dave matthews. i’ve gotta hear that!

  • dave

    i use to be a fan of this guy but he has yet to show me the ability that he can really rap.he just talks on the record.i fucks with hodgy beats tho he has some skill. domo is a fat wanna be wiz khalifa. left brain ugly ass makes some half ass decent beats sometimes. frank should of never associated with these guys prolly why hes gay now. and the rest if them are a waste of space.

  • Stevo

    Great solo album.

  • All these comments are fake. Nice try. No one is checking for this album.

    “IF your looking for me I’m in the ATL”