• rahrahrah

    Well done Envy, for employing people, and adding to an industry of the hip-hop community. Good interview.

  • He did ether all the naysayers though. A number 1 record every year since ’92? Sheesh!!!!!

  • I know this is gonna sound corny, but dudes need to shutup when the master is speaking. I got nothing but respect for JD.

  • Blackjew
  • my guy yikin the shit out that gum

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is THE most incoherent interview i’ve listened or watched. I repeat THE most.

  • Nigga creep

    A number 1 record every year since ’92? Yeah right. Who? Is that weak ass label even around anymore? All this dude did was bite whatever sound or style was hot that minute. He brought NO originality to the table .All his label made was radio pop bullshit.I got more respect for Rap-a-lot or No Limit over that shit

  • mitch

    first #1 record was Kris Kross “Jump” in 1992

  • Black Chalk

    good interview

    need beats?