• Kemosabi

    MJ is the GOAT and all but Kobe vs LBJ isn’t even a discussion anymore. Lebron is no.1 in the league I’m not even sure where Kobe ranks with the likes of Durrant and Melo now. Could you imagine lebron with the Lakers? They wouldn’t be on the outside looking in like they are now, and that’s how you should measure him IMO

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  • STFU

    Kobe is past his prime. LJ is in the middle of his prime. Of course, LJ is better.

  • Long way doe

    Imo Bron is great but everyone saying he makes everyone around him better but he couldn’t win a ship in Cleveland? Everyone is gonna be like who did he have well you need good players to have the best record in the league twice, two Mvps and coach of the year once in Cleveland. They would have put whoever he wanted on that team to win. At the end of the day if Miami don’t win for all the years he’s there it’s a flop. I just feel like he never showed any intensity to win he was more concerned with the king James label but he has matured into the best player at the moment so we shall see but if Miami don’t win it all for the next three years Bron is a flop like it or not

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  • DMVeezy

    Is that to be true? Ppl gon hate on the man regardless of wat he do he never was gonna win a championship wit cleveland for one mike brown was sum shit as a coach well atleast offensively I wudve left too cuz guess wat? By dis time if he was still wit Cleveland and no championship they probably wudve traded em to a bum ass team and started rebuilding why is it a problem when a athlete take control of his own destiny but owners can do it whenever they feel and think about when kobe was in his prime after shaq left all that scoring but no rings he was selfish idgaf wat anybody say he ain’t win again till gasol got there and phil Jackson got back how can u not say he don’t make his team better? Shane battier still under the radar but he shining I wud play wit lebron anyday before kobe cuz lebron always gon find u if u open kobe gon shoot regardless it took for kobe to be out his prime and to be embarrassed to start passing the ball ain’t no escuse for the Lakers to be sum garbage #goheat its lebron running shit now deal wit it