Hit-Boy’s First NYC Performance

Before R. Les hit the stage, the Grammy Award winner warmed up Irving Plaza with a few of his hits in his first performance in New York City. Again, Nigel D provides the recap.

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  • biggie

    Dis nigga is like come to my live show ill be playing instrumentals to all the songs ive ever produced lmao

  • 1234

    please stop rapping. you’re boring homie


    Guess he went with plan B.

    Play shit they actual know

  • smh

    lmao this dudes a walking cringefest

  • holyshyt


  • dave

    im mad this dude is seriously tryna pursue a career in rap.like dude stop.just because you worked with kanue,jay and cudi doesnt mean people accept you as a rapper.your rhymes is bpring and ypu cpme off bland.just stick to what made you know your beats.let your other surf club member chase n cashe do the rapping because hes dope at it.

  • dodo

    niggas in paris really got to dude head.

    stick to what you know bruh.

  • Your Father

    Seriously, Hit-Boy as an artist is a no-no.
    Content is there but zero presence and charisma.
    He looked so out of place in that Will.i,am vid.

  • knuckles

    did this clown really say he’s the best producer of the world…GTFOH

  • KingTut

    Damn homie. This is amateurish like shit

  • Indie5000

    Worst live performer and corny as fuck

  • brza


  • Jerry Curl Jesus

    You ever feel really embarrassed for someone because no one in the crowd was fuckin wit em? Yea that just happened. I just hope cuz takes this feedback and works on it cuz he def stepped out on the stage worse than Drake used to… And that’s pretty bad. Prolly had to pay for puss after that show.

    Here’s a suggestion. Get a live band. It’ll take the pressure off you cuz…