• moreffa

    tranny chasing ass nigga

  • slick

    ^^^^^ he will never live that down no matter what he do from now on

  • Sid

    Man, this nigga got me tight. How you gonna come on Hot 97 (the premier Hip Hop station of NYC) and not do a tribute to Big L, who happens to be one of the most lyrical beasts of the East? Nigga only played like 2 songs from Big L

  • rahrahrah

    @48 mins, he says bring it back, I don’t remember the tune. For the love of all things holy, someone help a poor soul.

  • NO mark the 45 king???
    scratch that nigga but.. c’mon son!?!
    you know what it is if you really wanna go there with the 45s cee..
    kid capri closing out??? WOW!!!!
    no jazzy jeff???? smh you blew it
    R.I.P. donald byrd