New EP: Vado V Day


Love is in the air. And Vado’s new Extended Play is on the Internet. It’s seven songs, so download it here

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  • naaah

    let this comment, and the lack of addictional, reflect that this nigga has about as much buzz as a nat

  • violence n drugs ofcourse

    ^^^the music’s dope but you’re right bout that “buzz”….kinda got that Lloyd Banks syndrome: no matter how dope or how good the music is will never be prime time…..but the kid got a good flow n anyone close to Cam got a direct # to an arsenal of fire beats
    his management aint doing they job…..that dude Mendeecees from L&HH is his manager…but he got the Puffy syndrome: wanna be on the screen n in the limelight more that his artists….Vado needs to stop doing business with “friends”….keep the homie but drop’em as management and get someone thats focused on helping the ARTIST shine!

  • Nah… Just dropping shit to drop it.. No anticipation = no buzz

  • efdee

    who cares the music is dope. but yeh of course i wanna see homie win. i’m sure khaled got something planned. but once again f the politics these songs are crack!!!

  • Foreign luccini

    *’cornball* hahaha the u. N. that nigga aint even official dipset!!

  • Goldenboy

    Killa don’t rock with him anymore.. Vado can’t do it alone

  • Blackjew