New Video: Lil Wayne Ft. Drake x Future “Love Me”

In a sea full of women, Tune gives a whole new meaning to a water bed in his new video featuring Drake and Future. Dope scenery. Doper chicks. Directed by Hannah Lux, but Mike Will Made It. I Am Not A Human Being 2 drops March 26.

Sidebar: Weezy & Dre are Pill chasing

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  • JustMyOpinion

    Anything auto-tune horrible.

    It’s over bearing now, T-Pain faded away and this come in and we act like auto-tune something new.

    Auto-tune is auto-tune no matter how you flip.

    @ YN I need that TRUTH: will rappers ever stop using auto-tune. #rappers&auto-tune

  • 2 Cents

    ^^ there are a lotta rappers who don’t use auto-tune why don’t you listen to them?
    Obviously certain people like it hence these successful auto-tune singles. Your rant makes it seem like all rappers use it.

  • Dub town

    Poop stick

  • Donn

    THIS SHIT RIIIIIIIDE! One of the best smashes of the year

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ 2 Cents this true, but at least 6 out of 10 albums feature auto-tune.

  • real talk


  • Safe Dwade


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  • DJ Bobby Drake

    Nice Beat..Decent Hook..No Content In The Lyrics = Same Ole Wayne..I’ll Pass Again..

  • caliking

    songs dope

  • sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ball, kush, bitches, alcohol, hater
    In auto-tune voice

    Hey everyone
    if you “don’t give a fuck”
    then you don’t mention it

    So if you say “hater” a bijillion times in your song
    I think it’s getting to ya

    I’m sure this song would be great to impress a hoodrat who loves Ace Hood
    but I’m more into a higher quality woman
    and music
    and life

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Well at least no one mentioned a Maybach or Bugatti

  • I’m Lyin

    Damn, I miss the real videos YMCMB used to have. When they were out there in front of the greeen screen and the whole crew was in it. Those were real videos. Now this and Take it to the head look like the same video.

  • Power

    Shit is dope

  • Young Guru

    Video sucks. Wayne has lost every creative juice in his body

  • TrimFlow

    The Quality of this video >
    It just makes the song that much more enjoyable. True, Wayne is not so substantial in this song but what the fucx do you expect with a song called “Bitches Love Me(Good Kush & Alcohol)”?! Some Bach-esque classical shit? Some “We Are The World” type shit? What?! Overall he still made sense and killed this shit for what it’s worth If You Ask Me. No One Did. Idgaf.

  • Trim Flow

    Dig Dat Playa Potna

  • As Real As It Gets

    Whose hotter than Future & MikeWillMadeIt right now?

    I bet the house Drizzy and Wayne barely spoke on that set.

    Baby’s son has done it again. First “No Worries” now this, he’ll do platinum in a week. Half those will be bought by Birdman himself but hey, we’re kinda use to it now right?

  • Chris

    Satanic Illuminati Luciferian Reptilian Negative Alien Agenda trash… If you can’t see the symbols, then your blind… open your eyes. He’s a puppet, and might be reptilian possessed… This is no joke, truly disgusting.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack Weezy.

  • damone

    Wayne is sad now!

  • Fried Chicken


    This song is dedicated to people like you!

  • onenutned

    you can tell wayne and drake are at odds they both seem uncomfortable in the scenes together and drake is falling back trying not to be seen wit’ wayne when normally they would be hugged up and throwin up ymcmb.

  • Peekay

    Dope beat is wasted. We’re doomed.

  • zezzoi

    wasnt there an Eminem x Dre track that was supposed to drop but never did ? got releasedd in some trailer. it sounded pretty ill

  • anonymous

    that Emmit till line was a FAIL. thats what truly lets you know weezy is whack now, hes so desperate for a trendy-catchy punchline that he’ll reach that low, Wayne 5-6 years ago wouldn’t have even done that, the nigga had more values when he was high and sippin lean than he does now… SMH ..

  • @ Young Guru

    Nah fam, you just lost whatever juice you was putting in your body that made you believe he was creative in the first place. This nigga ain’t been saying nothing since Carter III

  • That Guy

    Wayne just stop…..please…….you’ve exhausted your resources, we get it, it happens to artists.

    If you saved the material you had on your mixtapes we would’ve still been rocking to it.
    RIP Wayne 2009, No Ceilings was your last quality product. It’s time to put down the mic.

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