• It’s the roc

    0/2 today Frenchie. Not an easy feat. J.Cole killed that though.

  • French’s album will have a feature on EVERY song [longer than 2 minutes].

  • priime dawg

    j cole used to kill features…dude became lazy…and generic

  • brza

    More than half of the record was muted from explicits? J. Cole still has the unibrow.

  • zezzoi

    yup…this song was one of the hottest off that tape, not surprised they shot the video

  • zezzoi

    on the other hand tho, Ocho Cinco sucked

  • Devante

    Damn J Cole censored verse is worst than Styles P censored verse on BMF lol

  • Foreign luccini

    I see these little jive turkeys mayne throwing up they diamonds today huh!! Lebrons diamond at the all star game. And now this shit, hauhuhhh