Behind The Scenes: Yelawolf “Way Out”

Yelawolf is already getting things going with “Way Out“. Down in Tennessee, he began filming the single’s video and here’s a quick look at the production stages. Trunk Muzik Returns on March 14.

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  • herohiro

    As much as i like him he’s never going to blow sad when ems artist ain’t selling platinum nomo

  • peter

    yelawolf was never promoted well enough by em. he coulda easily sold over a 100k if he were promoted like slaughterhouse

  • herohiro

    The radio wasn’t feeling him

  • jose

    nobody is feeling yelawolf he is annoying wanna be eminem . Eminem did promote him . there is so much one can do . yelawolf is lame

  • BlackJew
  • The Wise

    Wrrrd Trunk Muzzik Returns Bitchessssss..fuck off hater catfish billy! an for dum bitches sayin he sound slike EM clearley ur fuckin deff in 1 ear…Rittz Next On Deck “life an times of jonny valiant” This gonna be a good year for music

  • The Wise

    whats crazy is this guys highly underated but with that one bad misstep of not making a trunk style album instead of radioactive is what hurt him an with slaughthouse doin so poor not many are checkin for shady roster projects ..which is quiet the oppossite from what was going on round 2002.

  • PistolPistol

    Shady was just spoonfeed you bitches. Wait till the end of this year top of the roster…

  • @Lmao

    They already on top in reality. But with the illusion this industry plays for little kids enjoying the sight of robbery and drugs they will never be on top on paper. Just in the minds of true rap/hip-hop fans like the dudes that enjoy Yelawolf muzik. Slaughterhouse music. Eminem. Even 50 is lyrical now. He just don’t live the “bout it” life no more. He’s an entreprenaur now only about money. The man is all kinds of rich helping hunger and shit. He’s intelligent, not a greedy bitch. Shady will always be on top than Strange music and Grand Hustle. B.o.B. is already a legend(legend in the making some will say) same as Yelawolf.

  • Obama

    “Enjoying the sight of robbery and drugs”. Have you seen any Slaughterhouse or Yelawolf videos? They’re both full of robberies, violence and drugs. And I hear you, but niggas can’t pay their bills with “minds of true rap/hip-hop fans”. Niggas need hits to make it in this business. Sorry fam

  • Billyy

    Catfiish Billy !!!!!! Trunk Muzik Returnz !! Go Get It !!