• “Timing is everything.”

  • My names Eliiot Wilson and this is a LIE

  • Acapella

    Oh, the irony of this cover right now. Lol.

  • troof


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  • Milkweed

    This is why hip hop is a joke and not respected. You all at RR stay supporting artists who a- suck, and b- disrespect the culture.

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  • 2 Cents

    Swear when “Love Me” made that 2013 list on “the truth” I guessed that YN prolly getting wayne to cover respect. Ha!

  • M.T

    hahahaha. this was perfect timing. cover is ok.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Hate = Any opinion but yours. Welcome to 2013…where opinions are apparently dead.

    @troof…I take it you agree with everything. A yes man is worse than any hater could ever be. That’s y’all problem. Niggas don’t draw line anymore. “Only squares and circles”.

  • Safe Dwade

    Love Me
    Goes hard doe

  • Black Shady

    Nigga called himself the new pac. you get NO RESPECT round here playboy…

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    YN and his love of mediocre and overrated rappers. Dude get a new hobby.

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  • NOVA

    Lil Wayne IS A LEGEND…..like him or not

    What’s interesting is his whole story………this is pretty dope. It’s a timeline of his entire career in order.

    THE LIL WAYNE TIMELINE: http://www.wildatlanta.com/pages/thelilwaynetimeline.html

  • Vintage Chi-town Soul

    This is the part where all the little internet commenters sit and pretend like Wayne ain’t a living legend at this point and a definitive figure in this era of hip hop. This is a guy that first went platinum in 1999 when Clinton was in office, fast forward a couple of decades and he’s still one of the top artists in the genre. It’s pretty much just him and Jay-Z that can say that and not be lying at this point. His brand has single handedly birthed two of the genres biggest new stars…just take the time to look at the charts and realize how dominant Wayne and Drake, NIcki, Tyga, etc. have been over the past 5 years. Any little thing the man does sends you nerds in a frenzy…pay homage to one of the titans and legends of rap

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    And yes I must say he is indeed a rap legend. But Pac status? No…

  • hxdh

    fuck lil wayne
    If you want to be the best Do not compare yourself to someone legendery, just be yourself
    2pac in a legend and nobody gonna be like 2pac
    but for me 2 chainz is the next lil wayne… oh wait 2 chainz is way better than this stupid retarded gay-ass lil gayne

  • Uh-oh

    @YN, you’re a fag

  • Facts

    Rap is alive and well but Hip Hop culture is as dead as can be

  • Yeezus Christ

    thats old classic best rapper alive weezy on the cover, not his current self

  • Yeezus Christ

    someone said 2 chainz is better than wayne… LMAO dumbfuck holy shit

  • Safe Dwade

    Fuck what you’d do. Its what this niggas chooses. He can say wtf, he’ll always chart, them lil kids in india that ain’t never heard a rap song have heard of Lil Wayne i think.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ ZoomZoomDad

    So are you saying YN is the Internet version of DJ Drama? 😉 I’m just saying.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    However @Vintage Chi-town Soul…I find it funny that you somehow seem to think of yourself as the one commenter that matters…Points are valid. However in a shitty toilet, piss water would be considered refreshing. See where i’m going? Btw where did you get that tall ass horse from???

  • Ha

    Ohhhh the Irony

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  • Did everyone notice how Wayne was barely on the “You Played Yourself Section” , that shit usually stays around for a good amount of time, and RR waited no time to put Dream on there. Also, you can bet Wayne won’t make it on “You Played Yourself” for the fuckery he committed last night. At one point I really liked Elliot, and even stopped buying XXL when he got fired/left XXL. Maybe Elliot always let star artist dictate “the truth” and it’s just more obvious now. But YN, lately you have been playing yourself. Regardless of your many accomplishments in the culture (and there are many), you are not free of criticism.

  • michaelgraham

    i am hoping that YN’s comment on timing is sarcastic.
    not that he can’t have an opinion and not even to say that lil wayne isn’t a huge star.
    but if we are talking respect, there isn’t much that this man stands for that deserves respect nowadays.
    i am not a big fan of lil wayne but i would never argue that he isn’t talented and i would never discredit his accomplishments.
    but music has seen many artists become huge successes with the masses but some of those same artists never come up in conversations about GREATNESS.
    i wouldn’t put lil wayne in a category with jay z and has and biggie and…PAC.
    he doesn’t belong in that discussion. he is more of an embarrassment to what those other people stand for.
    think about it, he is a grown man talking about skate boarding and being the next 2 pac.
    respect that!

  • michaelgraham

    GREATNESS doesn’t behave the way lil wayne behaves.

  • it’s the roc

    genius timing

  • ECU

    The least RESPECTED rapper now lol

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  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Chris bosh is crying himself to sleep for the next week.

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  • Relax with all that pac shit niga was hella homo in the beginning of his career..he came all gay in his interviews and thats not hating just the truth..pac had a lot if flaws but since hes dead we respect em..i guess thats how it goes

  • boomc

    hold up, how come Wayne got a cover on RESPECT and a tribute before 50? Wayne stopped rapping since 2009

  • DJ Game

    I would love to be in a room with this dude. Teach this motherfucker some manners. So easy. Dude is like 5 feet tall. One to the dome. Easy.

  • As Real As It Gets

    YMCMB ain’t pay Drake royalties in months. Like father, like son I guess. Started from the Bottom is Drake’s way of telling YMCMB he’s about to leave. No cameos from not one person on the label? Now this Bozo gets himself banned from all NBA games? Nickie’s been missing since her album realease party. It’s over folks. You’re now witnessing the death of a “Dynasty”.

  • boss don

    something which no1 has for this guy

  • Realshyt

    I do have to say his career is a career I have never seen before. Wayne is a weirdo. if there’s a rapper who is the king of going

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  • “Timing”


    Is it still 2008 on Elliott Wilson’s Calendar?

    I was wondering why Elliott was suddenly claiming that Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” was a hot song and that he may be “back”

    Now I know why

    @p0is0nedkoola on Twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Has anyone ever quoted a Lil Wayne line in a song….no, right? ok BYE

  • Donn

    Wayne is a HipHop legend like it or not

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Actually someone has quoted Lil Wayne on a song.
    Its actually one of the best rappers right now too.
    Listen to Michael Jordan from Kendrick Lamar.


    Album gonna flop lol it’s over

  • j

    Wait a damn second. Lil’ Wayne is considered one of the greatest in the game. Really? No way he holds court next to Rakim, Run DMC, Slick Rick. No chance.

  • Why hate on Wayne? He’s has a different approach than the traditional rap nigga now a days and you go back a couple years and all y’all was on his dick harder than anyone else in the game! Its a damn shame how people/fans change up on artist so fast!

  • PistolPistol

    ^How is Wayne a Legend? seems like no real heads care for him…
    Wayne is not legendary.. you must be 15

  • PistolPistol

    ^ J knows whats up.. plenty of dudes who started this shit and made it what it is. And this clown comes in on other peoples money, becomes a circus act, and is considered legendary..
    Media is to blame for the fall of the game.
    nuff said.

  • @Vintage Chi town Soul

    You are dead on… Co sign 100. This nigga Wayne changed the game…

  • @Vintage Chi town Soul

    Cosign… Good points.

  • This magazine cover is an oxy moron…which happens to actually include a real live moron ha haaa…

    yeah i laughed @ my own joke! Fak yall

  • Splash

    Lil wayne changed the game into what “Hair Metal” did to rock.. Made it into some faggot shit. Now he’s tryna do that shit with skateboarding..& Got chopped up by the NBA for taking his goofy ass self to the games lololol.

  • Realshyt

    98-on up
    We’ve seen hot boys, Wayne albums, squad up, carter series, killer mixtapes arguibly the best! Like it or not he is a legend