New Music: Ghostwridah “All-Star Weekend”


If your girlfriend was in Houston this past weekend, now would be a good time to listen to Ghostwridah’s new tune. This will appear on Ghost’s

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  • Yeezus Christ


  • Intelligence

    I like the artwork.

  • Leon Sandcastle


    No, seriously.

  • Haberdashery

    Can ya’ll give a brother some NSFW heads up? DAMN. ya’ll trying to get me fired? Almost got caught by my boss looking at this…

  • I see know one has actually commented on the song tho Lol…

    Shits a pretty dope track real talk!

    LOL @ the dude complaining about being fired but going on a hip hop website at work. I mean yeah cuz hip hop never pertains to anything NSFW…why would you have thought something like that would be on a hip hop website. Should be as safe as going to Disney’s website I guess *Scarcasm* Lmao

  • Phil

    Dope track. I’ve been listening to him awhile. He’s pretty dope.