• corey

    mgk did his thang!!!!
    cam’rom would get busy on this beat

  • ness

    This wigga stay losing

  • Blackgodlover1979

    Hmmm pretty good …… Very kanye west circa college drop out era

  • Black Chalk

    to the ppl who mentioned kanye and cam
    do ur hip hop homework

    but this was good…best mgk in a while

    need beats?

  • Hating Is For Suckas

    MGK Is Very Under Rated ^^^^ Wow to That Wigga Statement! Mixtape should be Fire

  • chan

    dope like how he aint afraid to expose fools

  • Terry

    Can’t wait for this tape to drop!!!!

  • skinny

    This was pretty good…and if I rem correct cam did this beat on the paid in full mixtape @corey

  • Evil


  • @Corey Camron already did. peep We are the Champions from that dream team album. this is the same beat that was produced by Kanye.

  • Batman

    Rap Radar..if we are being precise, then Wiz actually sampled this song last on his Cabin Fever mixtape, on the hottest track “Phone Numbers” …just saying.

  • reggie

    pretty embarrassing how people talk about how dope some of these clown rappers are on this website and than hate on a rapper like mgk. let’s talk about a rapper who was homeless, had no family, cares about his fans and is a really skilled rapper. i don’t get how you can hate on somebody like that.

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is a NICE track.

    On another note, I can understand where MGK is coming from. He’s put in the work and just what the recognition as every other artist. If it’s any consolation to him, magazine readership is not what they were 10 years ago, the number of readers have came down drastically. What was once millions, may now be 100s of thousands readers, IF THAT.

  • Juelz santana tell u a true story pt 2 nas and bravehearts diss. That’s back when juelz was spittin that crack same sample as this check that out

  • it’s the roc

    not bad, mgk doesnt usually hit with me, but i can dig this.

  • Black Shady

    this wasnt even bad.

  • MGK went HARD on this track and actually murdered it! Hands down, he KILT it!

    FADER should be embarrassed after hearing this song. They’ll come with a feeble excuse and a weaker point of view no doubt… but they just got ethered!!!

  • majormar

    Right now he better than a lot of niggas.. I can pull a game n start name dropping… nd remember I said right now… enimem 50 wayne camron jimmy red cafe rockie fresh asap rocky jeezy freddie gibbs… I could go on but ima stop… va Norfolk

  • majormar

    And I almost forgot he should have been on rr list for best singles wild boy

  • Tfm4ever2012

    @ majormar so mgk is better than em already lol wow com on son foh

  • ECU

    MGK always spitting that spire with meaning. Cant wait for Black Flag

  • ddave

    Can so relate to this. Killed that shit!

  • boss don

    dope sample and beat. usually dont feel MGK but this i can listen 2

  • Xpac

    Song is dope. Whoever filmed this video sucks balls tho. Shit doesnt even sync up right!!!

  • Mr252

    @corey cam’ron was on the original version

  • King Chandler

    What’s his name is Yelawolf right? Or is he beefin wit other people too, King Chip stays throwin sublims at him on twitter.

  • As Real As It Gets

    White Boy did the damn thing. If you didn’t like this most likely you’re a Rozay fan. Fake Fucks!

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  • Did someone mention kanye made this beat on the DREAM team album and Camron already spit on it?? LOL

    Seriously tho its not a bad remake. Yal shorties dont be knowing shit about hip hop Lol…wet behind the ear azz neggaz

  • SaveHipHop

    Shiiiittt that was fire. Fuck Charlamagne, racist fake pussy

  • David

    He bodied this BEAT, Best remix out!! Black Flag mixtape coming soon, STOP SLEEPIN ON KELLZ. #LACE UP, E$T a movement 4 life.