Weezy Says He’s New ‘Pac; Disses NBA

As NBA All Star Weekend came to a close last night, Weezy got some things off his chest. While addressing the crowd, he called himself the new Pac after dissing the NBA and Miami Heat. He also claims he smashed Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne. Technical foul!


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  • Drake

    I beg Wayne to make a song or hook that doesn’t mention pussy.

  • Love/Hate

    This nigga is pathetic. I used to rock with him but now we gotta get him outta here…

  • p. dom

    This nigga…..

  • Wow! Low blow.

    What is even more pitiful is that in three weeks they will kiss and make up publicly… and over Twitter.

    Knowing Weezy the ‘kissing’ part will probably be literal.


  • j

    FUCK that FAKE ASS RAPPER!, NIGGA WAS DICK RIDING the heat n the past, .. and AND HE DEFINITELY AIN’T NO PAC!!!. NEVER EVER BE HIM!!!! Has a better chance at being ja rule lol

  • gobo

    this nigga popped too many mollys.. new pac… HHHAHHHHA


    this fuckin foul goblin jus needs to stop hes wack and he cant come to terms wiv dat

  • Reef

    This nigga said, “I’m from the streets so don’t make this a twitter beef!” But when a street nigga like Pusha T dissed him, the first thing he did was get on twitter and say “Fuck Pusha T and everybody who loves him.” Plus he don’t wanna fight lebron in the streets. He would slam dunk Wayne little ass

  • Word

    AND THIS IS THE ARTIST WAYNE FANS SUPPORT?? This guy is the biggest HATER and DICKRIDER in the game. He famously jumps bandwagons and shits on any team that doesn’t ride his cock while he’s at the game.

    Last year he shitted on OKC during the finals and then said GO HEAT when OKC didnt fuck with him. NOW he shits on the Heat again and says some disrespectful shit about Bosh wife?? Mannn thats low. And fuck Birdman too. I swear I can’t wait till these guys disappear from the rap game. Fuck everybody thats a Wayne fan..yall support bitchassness and female bipolar mood swings that Wayne is known for. Didn’t he try to fight a camera man a couple weeks ago??? For a dude so short, he sure is confident in himself…or maybe his “money” that hes just gonna pay some dumbass to get his hands dirty for him, cuz I doubt he’d say any of this to Lebron, Wade, or even Chris Bosh face if they were alone in a alley with no weapons, just one on one.

  • j

    Wayne just needs to do outrageous things to stay relevant.


  • Evil

    Is Wayne back on drugs or something?
    Anyway fuck wayne.The guy is trash and has been so for the last couple of years.

    Pac is turning in his grave listening to this sucker

  • koO

    It’s official. Weezy finally gone full retardeezy

  • Clown status…..

  • AS

    This is just distespectful… He’s slowly fading…He knows it.

  • AS


    RR should have not even put this up. Wayne has no respect.

  • Weezy went full retard. Never go full retard!

  • It’s the roc

    Wow. That’s flagrant as fuck. I wouldn’t be shocked if Chris Bosh put that nigga in ICU, shit like that is 100% unforgivable. These clowns should realize some shit is out of bounds

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    No wonder Charlamagne gave Wack Weezy donkey of the day. Did he call D-Wade “She-Wade? Wack Weezy the worst rapper alive.

  • Wasn’t Drake just at the 2 Kings event with Bosh and Lebron? Does this blackball him now? Smh….

  • Converse


  • Kemosabi

    Y’all should take that shit down don’t entertain the troll! Next year he’ll diss Kobe and the Lakers and say he’s a Clippers fan, smh

  • The Other P

    This nigga must be off probation & back on the drugs. Like the NBA gives a fuck whether or not Weezy is courtside. Wayne, you’re not that important.

  • Johnny Ryall

    1, 2, 3 and to the 4
    1 pac , 2 pac, 3 pac, 4
    4 pac, 3 pac, 2 pac, 1
    You’re pac, he’s pac, your pac, none

  • Beaming

    Wezzy is the new flavor flav. He even look like him too.

  • West Coast

    2Pac ?? nigga you will never be like Pac, compared to Pac, or the new Pac…just stfu ..this is what happens when you fire your ghostwriters at the height of your career. smh

  • J UK

    How’s Beats gone like having their logo in the back while Weezy talks this shit and disses Lebron! I’d bet anything Lebron brings more money to Beats than Weezy’s punk ass line.

    Fuck this fallen off, Till disrespecting nigga, fo’ real.

  • damone

    Wow! Wayne looking like pookie

  • hannibal lecture

    This nigga trippin lol. I don’t think Chris Bosh cares he’s a fag!

  • Kemosabi

    ^ just seen that Till lyric too. He’s a fucking coon! What kind of black man says that shit! His ppl play it off as entertainment, there’s nothing entertaining about civil right you shucking and jiving clown. RR give him the YPY ASAP Lol Wayne is a joke

  • Black Shady

    LOL this fool said hes the new pac HAHAHAHAHA get off the drugs. probably knocked his head while skating or some shit. FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Im not a Chris Bosh fan but you dont disrespect that man’s wife. Wack Weezy still mad that D-Wade and Lebron because they dont talk to him. This dude needs to leave south florida and go back to NOLA.

  • bb4eva

    well,we see who jus got “you played yourself”… b dot,get on that ASAP!

  • This is Wayne OFF drugs. Who ever thinks about doing pussy shit like this when you’re high? NO ONE. (Do drugs. See for yourselves)

    The guy has too much shit on his mind and no good music to sustain it. Fame will make you lose your mind; up in here, up in here.

    And there needs to be video evidence of Mrs. Bosh getting smashed. For science!

  • Whowantwhat

    This is why Hip-Hop is fucked up because y’all niggas let these fake niggas live! Smh

  • brodie

    weezy needs to shut the fuck up, old wack ass cant diss other rappers but he can diss nba players who aint gonna put paws on him and a organanization who has better things to do than worry about that little gnat. you aint no new pac atleast pac dissed real niggas you wont even step to a real nigga, go fight another camera man nigga!

  • Genesis

    Hahahahahaha….. Tell em how you really feel Weezy….. You can’t pay for this kind of entertainment…. Weezy wildin’, the same people who have been suckin’ him off for since the Carter III are bashing him…. Ahhhhhh…. The insolence of the human ego is what it’s all about kiddies…… That’s what God knows…..

  • Wayne is such a bitch. “Men are the new women” Another fine example of this statement.


  • big steve

    what a joke, he aint even rap anymore its all wack ass lines about pussy smh

  • Hol’Up

    As Robert Downey Jr. Said.
    ‘You went full retard. Never go full retard’.

  • PistolPistol

    Agree w ^ J
    Him n Minaj r fuckimg bubble gum wanna b rappers… They are more Circus act entertainment than anything else.
    Remember this. You are nothing without your fans. Alone, and self loathing.
    What what what drop it like it’s hot

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    Wayne fans…this is what you’ve created….

  • @craig_ruddy

    What an awful human being this guy is. First he blames New York for getting caught with a gun, then he recently gets thrown out of Miami Heat game for gesturing that he would shoot a fan in the Stands. And that is a fact by the way so now of course no NBA team want you around when you act like a G and a piece of shit. This guy I hope all you fancy him out there are waking up to this phony. Dudes no gangster he’s been around baby since he was 10 years old. Wake Up!!

  • @craig_ruddy

    And I’m a Celtic fan lol

  • buking

    let the self destruction commence.

  • Devante

    This dude is falling off….

  • quese

    Dis nigga still mad he couldn’t a ticket

  • This nigga has no respect for Hip Hop culture, why would he respect Basketball players or their wives?

  • King Chandler

    Wayne has completely drugged himself crazy, can’t believe he went from The Carter 1, 2, and 3 to now every song basically exactly the same, “beat the pussy, eat the pussy, kill the pussy, gangbang in the pussy, smoke in the pussy, skateboard in the pussy, wear my trukfits in the pussy, Tunechi.”

  • NYCown

    “I would say these hoes name, But then I would be snitching” Snitching ass lil nigga

  • WestCoast

    Fuck YMCM & MMG bunch of gays
    lil gayne you deserve death mothafucker

  • diamonds on my blocka


  • @King Chandler

    FUck off nigga.. he was never good…those album are TRASH,mediocre at best…

    ROSS and WAYNE are gonna get popped this year…

  • Lil Wayne needs to grow up. It’s overdue. My mans got 2K13 confused with reality.

  • A Real Listener

    Such a cansur to hip hop

  • MegaMind

    On the real, on everything I know….this cat is a clown of the HIGHEST order.

    He’s from the streets? Word…fool you’re a millionaire.
    People I hope y’all realize that LBJ, DWade and Bosh are worth BILLIONS to multiple corporations, they are nothing thinking about this imp! What’s sad is that he’s mad because they don’t acknowledge him LOL…He wants them to give him dap at games and they see right through him. No DWade ppl from the Chi…and WE ALL KNOW HOW CHIRAQ get down (unfortunately as well, not to glorify).

    I HATE to say this and God willing I’m not right but if this dude don’t chill out he’s going to write a check that his ass or baby can’t pay. You have to understand their “blood” affiliation, these dudes pay their way through, that’s not REAL street ish.

    You ever wonder way real gangsters wanna test Ross, Wayne, etc…but have the utmost respect for cats like Andre3000, Big Boy, Hov, Nas, Cube….see its only so long fake thugs can pretend (and I’m a Ross fan..of his art, not persona). But the days of the super gangster is coming to an end. People see through all this stuff.

    My question is what does Wayne hope to gain from such a rant? The NBA is like any other fraternity. I know people deal with people individually but you really think Melo, KD, Kobe, Paul George, CP3 would side with Wayne over Lebron, Wade and Bosh?? These cats COME FROM REAL GHETTOS made it to the top of the craft with their talents…Do you think the aforementioned athletes NEED street credibility or approval. Or need to ACT like they are gangsters?? You see how that works out from certain athletes, they are blackballed…AI and JR Smith comes to mind. Not saying its right but its real.

    I actually pity this dude because he’s lost and he’s searching, this when the devl and legion can take ahold of your spirit and mind. This is where guidance, intervention and real friends and family come in.

    I’ll say this and keep it moving, my uncle told me this a LONG time age…”sometime people forget that they make caskets for everyone, don’t ever think you can’t be touched because it’s as simple as someone reaching out and touching yo ass!”

  • @craig_ruddy

    @B.Dot has there ever been a post where all agree?!? This dudes finished!

  • ECU




  • D Twice

    Fuck all that other noise. Bosh need to beat this niggas ass. If it happened or not thats worse than what KG said about LaLa. Fuck all that sophisticated famous shit if a lil nigga talk shit about my lady and I’m more that a foot taller than him I’m whippin dat ass.

  • JOHNYblaze

    OK my friends its been a LONG time coming Lil Wayne. I bought The Block Is Hot back in 1999, honestly it was the first cassette I asked my moms to take me to buy, I was only 12 then. As the years went by I lost my love for wayne, by the time of the Carters, i already didnt fuck with him like that, he lost the hunger and young hungry hood nigga mentality, and i could already hear and notice that he was a gassed up cocky pay his way thru hood affairs type of nigga. BASICALLY wayne has bought off and exploited his way thru the last 5+ years when he became this superstar.

    And as for thinking ballers need to show him love, man i like the fact that we can watch the deterioration of wayne, because honestly hes been getting by off with this mollyhead bullshit for overdue time now.

    Nigga ballers dont care for you, and I KNOW wayne doesnt shout out every athete backstage at his events.

    FUCK WAYNE basically, and the new pack LMAO we should definitely be ashamed, that jew pussy his girl got has already taken him to the devils side.

  • london

    what an idiot .fuck wayne and fuck the heat

  • boss don

    oh yeah i remember pac wearing a panda bear ski mask, womans leggings and lime green rain boots!

  • Tec1Nyc

    Pac just turned in his grave.
    Rest In Paradise Tupac

    Fuck Lil Wayne and anybody that love em (Middle finger in the air)

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    This is so disrespectful on so many levels…gone past music. This guy hates everywhere he goes for things he does??? And calling out the fact he hit dudes wife…Damn. I truly believe this man truly believes he is God and can’t be touched. Niggas forget…all it takes is one hand.

    In other news. Please support Cromer Beats. Feel free to leave any feedback…good or bad. Only way to grow. Bless up ——>https://www.youtube.com/user/cromerbeats?feature=guide

    Cromer Beats

  • chillthrill

    like some one said on here,,, this is what happens when you let fake niggas live,,,everything and everybody is on that whatever shit,,,,,if we dont set boundaries,,,then niggas like him step out of bounds,,,,,,these niggas is weird

  • dsunn723

    2pac would wash this lame ngh up. never blaspheme a true og.

  • Peezy

    Wayne is the new homosexual hemaphrodite, no class, no values, no direction, drug addict, Martian, goblin, child star, non-revolutionary, fake, wannabe version of Tupac. Yeah he is the New PAC for sure.


    Just so we (america) are clear… LIL Wayne IS NOT WELCOME NOR A MEMBER OF LAKERGANG/LAKERNATION!!! He will never be! What a disgrace to hiphop! I hope he reads this! LET IT BE KNOWN! R.I.P. JERRY BUSS!!!

  • As Real As It Geta

    I’m riding with Weezy F on this one. I hate everything the Heat stand for. Even tho its coming from the industries mascot it warrants the a cosign. Fag boy Bosh ain’t fucking her so Wayne might as well. Get at’em Weezy. Let the world know how the flames are some bitches.

  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    @As Real As It Geta I hope you don’t ever fall in love brother…even worse get married. If ya wife/love gets fucked. I hope you turn to your statements for comfort. Niggas cold as fuk. Fucked up part is that he was shaking hands with these niggas while doin that.

  • EmceeFresh

    I don’t usually say this in publics because this is borderline hiphop blasphemy but lil Wayne is the new PAC but I don’t mean It as a compliment

    PAC was the biggest fraud in hiphop he was a regular nigga tryna be a gangster he was an actor born in Brooklyn took actin classes wit jada n decided to be a rapper nd decided to be a gangster rapper after that Humpty Dumpty song , then he had to prove his gangsta to ppl so he Wud act like a god damn fool wit no sense , he does have thought provoking tracks in his arsenal but at that time in hiphop that was something all rappers needed to do , other than that tupac was hit n miss all the time he’s a flip flopper he is NOT lyrically better than anyone rapping at that time , one thing that’s undeniable is his influence to the hiphop community other than that his music is mediocre his lifestyle was that of a lil boy nd if he was to be alive in today’s day n age he will be just like lil wayne

  • Donn

    Wayne you my nigga but your officially wilding. Humble out my nigga. This has nothing to do with music any more cus ppl may criticize u lyrically but u always top the charts and make their opinions irrelevant when ur track record is so long but this type of shit will kill ur career if u don’t learn how to watch what u say. This was too much but Kanye has said shit and learned from it so u make take an L for this but in a few weeks no one will care anymore and we gon be in club getting some Twerk to BITCHES LOVE ME

  • EmceeFresh

    I don’t say this much cause this is borderline hiphop blasphemy but lil way d is the new PAC but I don’t mean it as a compliment

    PAC is the biggest scam in hiphop history. He was born in Brooklyn took actin classes wit jada Pinkett moved to Cali n decided to be a rapper, after Humpty Dumpty he decided to be a ya gangster rapper so he dedicated the end of his career to prove that he really is gangster or not, I do give him credit he does have a few thought provoking tracks but at this time in hiphop that was a criteria all rappers had to meet, other than that he’s hit nd miss (more miss than anything) he was a fraud tryna be someone he’s not he was very unstable n he would flip flop on a lot of his comments his bars are mediocre at best , yu can’t deny he was one of the most influential ppl in the history of rap but if yu sit down n actually analyze PAC he’s jus a loud mouth wannabe thug that got killed tryna be bout that life there ain’t no respect in that if PAC was alive now he will be just like lil Wayne , if ya disagree please tell me where I’m wrong

  • EmceeFresh

    I don’t say this much cause this is borderline hiphop blasphemy but lil way d is the new PAC but I don’t mean it as a compliment

    PAC is the biggest scam in hiphop history. He was born in Brooklyn took actin classes wit jada Pinkett moved to Cali n decided to be a rapper, after Humpty Dumpty he decided to be a ya gangster rapper so he dedicated the end of his career to prove that he really is gangster or not, I do give him credit he does have a few thought provoking tracks but at this time in hiphop that was a criteria all rappers had to meet, other than that he’s hit nd miss (more miss than anything) he was a fraud tryna be someone he’s not he was very unstable n he would flip flop on a lot of his comments his bars are mediocre at best , yu can’t deny he was one of the most influential ppl in the history of rap but if yu sit down n actually analyze PAC he’s jus a loud mouth wannabe thug that got killed tryna be bout that life there ain’t no respect in that if PAC was alive now he will be just like lil Wayne , if ya disagree please tell me where I’m wrongg

  • EmceeFresh

    Btw rip to lil Wayne’s career

  • M.C.REN

    LOL and a year ago, all you weak ass niggas was on his dick luving those gay ass lines of his. Finally the muthafuckin tide is turning. We need a real hood ass nigga out there to get nice with they hands on this faggot.

  • Respect

    Bosh should put this sweet ass midget to sleep next time he sees him

  • Foreign luccini

    The new PAC? Being outspoken and going against the system is very PAC like!! Who gives a fuck about the Miami heat it’s just a punk ass basketball team!! Black men don’t own any team in sports period. Bobcats that’s a joke franchise one of the worst franchises in the history of sports. I’ve never seen anybody supporting that team by wearing any of their merchandise. Haha i fucked your wife? That bitch is hella curvy don’t let me c that bitch on payday hahahaa

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  • Original Ty

    Way too sensitive and emotional…. SMH

    Oh and he must have forgotten to tell Drake about his view of the NBA cause he was at the All Star Weekend shmoozing and smiling from ear to ear every time the camera caught him! He was ECSTATIC to be rubbing shoulders with those NBA niggas hahahahaha sorry Wayne.

  • cru


  • brza

    Wow. I guess he’s entitled to his own opinion. Carry on.

  • OmegaSun

    Maybe he’ll got shot like pac

  • Clown

    This midget nigga wouldn’t be sayin shit if Bosh was in the room. Maybe you should focus on getting real lyrics and not killing Hip Hop culture.

  • Rick James

    They never should have gave these niggas money!

  • George Michael

    You should all listen to a song I wrote called careless whispers.. that’s exactly what this is a careless whisper..

  • Dreddo

    Stright bird

  • DJ Bobby Drake

    This Is the same clown that was talkin’ slick about the homie Jay-Z and then does a song called “Hello Brooklyn” Without his bodyguards and Yes men..If you strip all the BS away Man to Man this nigga is a grown man kissing ass bitch..Stuntin’ like my daddy..Nigga Plzz..You Gay..Somebody plz trick this Mxyzptlk ass nigga into saying his name backwards so he can disappear…

  • Dreddo

    Straight bird

  • Sunny

    Is this monkey back on drugs? smh


    yeah all this hate but there are still a bunch of lames out their who listen to his music and support him.

    this dude isn’t just making an ass out of himself right now, he has been making an ass out of himself for his entire career.

    these dudes are fakes, lames and idiots. do not support grown adults who behave like children or internet trolls.



  • Chronic

    This dude has gone straight crazy, this is what too many hard drugs does to your brain kids.


    lil wendy. you on minute 14 1/2 of your weak ass career. ha ha ha, . its over bitch…

  • Real is Real

    your nothing like Pac. lil [email protected] Trippin. Yeah the Fame done went to his head or he bumped his head or something.


    You could clearly see Drake wasn’t cool with this. He’s real cool with Lebron.

  • Smokey the real 305 stand up

    Back in the days Bird Man and His lil fuck boy Lil Wayne Would have been got dealt with Disrespecting the 305 like that Luke said it best Revoke them niggers passes man zoe proud what’s up po boy what’s up Overtown what’s up opa locks Nmb What’s up Trick Daddy What’s up Come on your We better than that man this Miami and you’ll know what we bout the disrespect needs to stop you can’t be here and disrespect us like that it’s time to mask up dumb fuck niggas don’t even be in the hood like that JT money where you at them fuck boys lucky Mac a Zoe at Here Uncle Luke it’s time make a call and get them niggas up out of here

  • Smokey the real 305 stand up


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  • brollya

    ya cry to much…. niggaz cant say nothin no more without ya crying bout it….. if he feel lik dat den let em….. ya forget he is from hollygrove and been sayin dat his whole career…. he might not be gangsta now but he is the streets…. he sure aint no rick ross…. niggaz crying bout emmit till, now this smh

  • Pardonmyswag

    Def knows he’s fading… If this album is wack he’s done in my eyes

  • Birdman is a grown man with no brain


  • Smokey305

    miami whats up

  • Realshyt

    I do think Wayne old musik has some similar traits as PAC(his new musik is straight ASS) but he sure is getting big headed like tupac before he he got popped. He better watch out! Wayne needs to calm the fuck down! And realize why PAC is not here with us now.

  • Miami what’s up

  • craigeone

    Hey U little short ass bitch……Back the fuck up….I know your ass too tiny to play ball. ?..but your ass has got to stop being so fucking disrespectful….your shit is on fucking zero & PAC your ass is not….

  • joe

    Any NBA player would beat the fuck outta this little faggot.
    Talkin bout he’s from the streets.
    Fuck you Wayne, you were rich at like 12 years old you bitch!

  • That Guy

    Wayne, wayne, wayne…. You call it “hate” but it’s 100% warranted, especially for far-fetched claims that you’re the new Pac and more so the shit you’ve been churning out these past few years.

  • Just a Guy

    Drake was desperately looking for a way off that stage.

  • Gonefishing

    Ummmm. fuck wayne bitch ass – signed a Miami native born and raised

  • LOL
    Anyone actually believe that Lil Wayne had sex with Bosh’s wife?

    I know someone has to get the “Hit em up” reference Wayne was attempting by blurting out his slander

    I know of another skinny rapper who had a short run at the top who claimed to be Pac as he fell off

    @p0is0nedkoola on twitter
    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    Well at least Wayne isn’t on a label w/an obnoxious labelhead,
    an annoying female who can’t sing
    & Wayne isn’t singing on his songs like the Murder Inc Days
    oh wait

  • NBA

    Would somebody push this niggaz muffin cap black and blue already because he is cloggin the game

  • C-Murder

    The new 2pac or the new Ja rule ha ha he has no street cred

  • Jay Jones

    It is tough to see such a good rapper at the time of Dedication/ Tha Carter slowly fading away from what he built…he should just manage, operate, expand bc rap is not for him anymore and rock isn’t even he tries hard…you no Jimi Hendrix.

  • Mattyboy

    THis guy can’t rap and is just lame! I don’t get how he ever got so popular!

  • Wayne is a bitch hes soooooooo bad now its hard to listen to him pusha t owned his ass and now wayne doesnt know what to do ymcmb needs to say sorry bout makin such bullshit music

  • Reblogged this on GenRegardless and commented:
    Even more reason to hate Lil Wayne. The dude has definitely fallen off, and now he’s trying to say he’s the next Pac? Have a seat, man. I just wish Drake would leave YMCMB and make OVOXO his own brand. Plus, that new Wayne track is super weak.

  • jose

    drake looking like a straight bitch . Drake and Wayne think they gangstas

  • Live

    The only rapper that can say this, is Game yea nigga’s i said it!

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    Now Gillie Da Kid’s comments at the end of “Frontin Like Ya Daddy” all make sense. Chris Bosh wife was the chick that Gillie was talkin about scammed Weezy for like 10 stacks tellin him she needed money for cancer treatment and he never seen her ass again. Bwhahahahaha. Gillie exposed this nigga long time ago and aint never lied.

  • Jerzzz

    Didnt a nigga named Jeffrey try that shit? And we ALL saw what that gottem. So in 2013, if rappers let this shit slide, every one of them rap niggas in the game is PUSS.

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  • Jams

    Drake was at the 2 Kings Event on Saturday night with Lebron and Bosh. That’s why he turned his head in disgrace of what Wayne was saying. Even his artist is ashamed of him! No respect.

    P.S. That does not black ball Drake because those players know which mouth that came from.

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  • Honestly

    Just wanna say its funny how I see no Wayne fans defending this. Either they ain’t commenting or a lotta y’all frontin right now.

    Anyways this is what happens when you got yes men. This nigga done and he don’t even know it.
    He really honestly thinks he’s that nice, he thinks he’s that good., he’s insane. PAC? People are to quick to say that name( I didn’t agree wit 2 PAC back either ) Wayne’s embarrassing himself. Walkin contradiction shit. Nas hit it on the nose when he said u can’t judge goat until u see a whole body of work. Wayne eliminated himself from a lot if top 5s with his latest efforts

    Jus being honest

  • Big L’s Ghost

    Fuck The Miami Heat ….New York Knicks all day……..Fuck Lil wayne also……..Hov and Em All Day

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  • deathdynasty

    man, all ya’ll talking shit makes you just as bad as weezy, except worse cause your fucking talking shit on the shit talker on a website when most of you probably arent SHIT to begin with.