• Safe Dwade

    I call bs. This is just so niggas wanna buy the fake ass shit that’s released

  • Blunted on Reality

    Damn cant believe theres still alot more cant wait for this and the jimi hendricks and j dilla releases

  • Dashing

    That’s a good look. They should get some fresh new producers to do it. Would love to hear Pac over Justice League or the right Cardiak beat. Shit, even the right T-Minus beat (a la “Ambition”) could sound crazy.

    And a Pac/Kendrick/Ab-Soul record would sound crazy!

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ read up on your PAC history. He wasn’t one for a gang of features.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    A track with 2pac and the new pac (Lil Wayne) would be a classic.
    On the real though i can’t wait to listen to his stuff.
    Maybe he can bring real rap back from the dead. (no pun intended)

  • jonnybusiness

    I think Afeni should leave it alone.If the music was dope then Pa would have released it when he was here and the last couple of posthumous releases have been under par.Don’t water down the legacy!!

  • truth hurts

    lots of material pac couldnt release because the label wouldnt let him…They had to scrap the whole THUG LIFE album and start again..

    you can find those songs on youtube…

    Im thinking shes also going to release all the songs the way pac recorded them….That pac album eminem did ruined every song.


    actually im glad about this id rather hear new stuff release through his moms watch instead of some money hungry fool ruining his music im lookin forward to it

  • slaughter

    truth hurts the eminem produced album was classic he made him more known here in the uk thts fasure

  • PistolPistol

    lets hear it. the finished stuff

  • vomit

    Sadly,Pac music would not be cherished in today’s music world. These listeners today rip apart every single breath a rapper takes and completely belittle their work. Then a minute passes and they’re on to the next one….its boring? Boring??? Really?!

    With that said tupac was great for his time, so was biggie,no one will ever take their place. As a real music fan i gotta ask…would pac even still be relevant if he were alive?? Everyone falls from grace, even Michael Jackson..its a new day!!!! Jigga, Em, and Nas are still alive,thats who todays listeners wanna hear. Those are rappers selling bodies of work…not collections of singles.

    Drake, amazing songwriter, he’s doing great no matter how anyone feels, but who’s to say he wont fall off?? …Thank you Afeni but no thanks.

  • Donn

    I kinda wanna see what will happen if PAC has an album out how many ppl will buy it. The so called real HIPHOP fans tend to be the worse at supporting artists they actually do like. PAC should sell a million copies first weekr



  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Someone kill vomit.

  • They should release it so we could shit on it like we do every other legend rightnow ..this niga is no exception..if he was alive we would be shitting on him

  • yesss

  • Dashing

    @Just My opinion, Do YOUR research, Pac had over 20 features on All Eyes on Me alone, not to mention his work with Digital Underground and the Outlaws. Plus all of the features on all of his posthumous work…

    And one of the points of releasing his new music NOW is to give a new generation of fans an appreciation of what he brought to the table. The best way to do that is to bring in appropriate artists that he might have worked with (TDE comes to mind) and fresh beats.

  • boss don

    pacs makin new music in cuba


    How about 2pac on a jcole beat?

  • DK

    It’s true – I am near Stan-status when it comes to being an Eminem fan, but I’ll wholeheartedly admit that ‘Loyal to the Game’ was a fuckin’ abortion, and Em did the bloody honors.

    Afeni has stated many-a times before that as long as there’s unreleased Pac material, there will still be new albums. ‘Until The End of Time’ and ‘Better Dayz’ were acceptable; mainly because the beats used sounded like ones Pac would have picked out had he been alive to do so, and the features were people who he associated with beforehand (Outlawz, Left Eye, etc.). ‘Loyal to the Game’ had him dueting with Obie Trice and Dido, and ‘Pac’s Life’ had him on tracks with the likes of Ashanti, Swizz Beats and T.I. – WTF?!

    Personally, I’d like an official release of the originial versions of some Pac tracks that have been re-done over the years; “Confessions” with Bizzy Bone (which was later “Breathin'” with the Outlawz), or the original recording of “Untouchable”, or the version of “Playa Cards Right” that featured Jodeci on the hook, instead of the back-and-forth dialogue with Ludacris that would never have actually happened in real life.

    The best thing the ‘Pac’s Life’ album managed to do was NOT alter “Soon as I Get Home” and that wound up being the most listenable track on that whole CD.

  • lilrizq

    As long as Eminem at producing the whole album I’m all for it. Now look at this video I did for a friend.


    AFENI should just release Pacs whole catagelog in its ORIGINAL FORM.. then step the fuck back!
    she already disrepected his whole catalog with nearly every release after he passed except maybe R U STILL Down ,, which has a more original 2pac feel..


  • Classic

    Tupac always had features on his albums especially on his most successful lp AEOM,but the difference was for the most part he had features to share some of his shine not because he needed them to sell records. Im always gonna keep an ear for any new material from PAC regardless of producer or who they decide to feature Pac was about his lyrics and that’s why he is still relevant today.

  • Pac4life

    If she’s gonna put it out the way he intended then it’s all good. Even incomplete songs.

    Now if she does that bullshit she did with some of “her” previous releases and take people off Pac records he recorded with and then put the new hot rapper of the month and let G-Unit and Eminem jump on all the songs and reproduce it, she can keep that bullshit.

    And this is from a die hard Pac fan.

  • @ JustMyOpinion

    Maybe you should read up on your Pac history since his albums like All Eyez On Me and Makaveli had a gang of features..


    Um, @Donn How do you expect his album to do a mil first week if the rapper isn’t even alive to properly tour and interview and promote his music? I dont care who you are, you need to be ALIVE to do numbers especially if you’re a rapper lmaooo make more uneducated statements

    • Steven Pingel

      Everyone one of 2pacs albums goes platinum. One of the few rappers to go diamond(before and after death). Better days did 3 mil in 3 weeks. Trust me he has a fan base. They teach his poetry in colleges for petes sakes. Take the negativity somewhere else along with your uneducated statements.

  • SaveHipHop

    Maybe this will inspire some of these dudes rapping about nothing. Great idea

  • acidrap

    Put pac on some Luger beats

  • MJ

    lmao this nigga dead and he still gonna shit on niggas

  • Nickey Negrito

    UNTIL THE END OF TIME and BETTER DAYZ were classic. The ones after that, especially the Eminem produced album, was crap. Just release his original unreleased and i’m good.

    STILL I RISE was dope as well.

  • Hewh

    I really hope she releases it all. Would love to hear what has yet to be heard!

  • Peace! This Is Very Good News!! But Please Do Not Feature Lil Wayne, Future, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Drake, The Justice League, T-Minus Or Any Of These New Age Band Of Ignorant So-Called Hip Hop Artists And Producers On This Album!! Just Stick To Basics From Johnny J, DJ Quik, Daz, Hurt-M-Badd, QD3, The Outlawz, Boot Camp Clik Etc! That Would Be A Very, Very Good Look!! Peace!!!

  • G

    whatever happened to that Tupac biopic that was supposed to come out? am i the only one whose heard of it, cause they said it was coming out either next year or the year after i heard

  • yo mama

    I just she does it soon so i can hear the ogs.