• Common is a God Emcee!

  • BlackJew
  • pfff ill

  • Bahri

    Let me keep it “100” n say that Common Sense is a pure mc n the shit that comes out is straight from his heart u can just tell! 1 of the alltime mc’s for me!

  • Toy-T

    Top 3 dead or alive

  • mrfukkyofeelings

    common is corny as hell

  • Nova

    On the spot off the top!! Props to common

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    some real freestyel raps, i can dig this

    thats some real shit tho off the top hell yeah

    SHOULD throw out another drake dis on the Dl tho hahalolol jk

  • Straight Hall of Fame type cat.

    Thank you Common for being a standard to achieve in the game