• Johnson

    These 2 make hip hop look bad

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ VERY bad.

    Autotune= terrible.


    why the hell is french the one who sings the hook on a song with future?

  • Harry N

    worst song i’ve ever heard!! Makes Lil B sound like Jigga!! haha

  • This Song Is So Trash Im Sorry Check Out My Music http://www.youtube.com/user/NessParker1?feature=mhee

  • This nigga don’t got max no more so he tryin to get future Fuck outta here French


    I hope future is collecting mad checks because his 15 minutes are almost up.

  • I refuse to believe there is any auto tune on this song. If so, what exactly did it automatically tune?

  • Safe Dwade

    Future’s don’t got 15, he just came up fresh off selling his soul he gone be topping Tracks like pizza its forseeable

  • Safe Dwade

    Suns better acquire Shumpert Knicks better off with my nigga Jared Dudley

  • West Coast

    WTF…Did Futue go in the studio and say make sure I’m off beat? French is just trash non recycled

  • HEy they dint use auto-tune they used the new one called out-of-tune check it out here and earn $6 everytime you click on links http://bit.ly/SOhQEM

  • onenutned

    yellow nigga take this shit down. I have spoken.

  • evol

    I like this. Something different HANNNNNN !

  • Dj Unison

    This sounds like dude recorded this track on his iphone while taking a dump…

  • Balla


  • nucky thompson


  • majormar

    Dat hook didn’t even make sence… free max b…va Norfolk