New Video: Yelawolf “Way Out”

The freaks come out at night. And in Yelawolf’s new video, he experiences a close encounter. The only thing missing was a Mulder and Scully cameo.

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  • Obama

    This guy is 100% lost! His music doesn’t relate to his vibe or his visuals at all. Couple more “mixtapes” an videos and maybe a follow up flop to his first flop and maybe then he’ll crawl back into his hole. White trash in the worst way.

  • Dashing

    Not a fan of this one.

  • Bongo

    The music doesn’t make the visuals at all.

  • Bongo

    The Music doesn’t match the visuals at all.***

  • Pizzle

    I kind of like it, holla!!

  • Hol’Up

    Lol! ^ you Niggas are hilarious!!! It’s a dope song and unlike many artists, he doesnt put 4 features on one song to make a comeback! Dope visuals, Dope song!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    too much going on in the video nhear the end, the song vwas aight tho

  • Del

    this shit goes… i fucks wit it

  • Phil

    Is this dude Amish now?

  • latinmonkey

    why yall hating. he is on some intergalactic red neck shit. let him express his art…

  • Dj Unison

    this dude has lost it!

  • SaveHipHop

    He s/o to south cack, fuck yea! Anyways his redneck ass cracks me. Catfish Billy is dope!

  • The Wise

    a diffrent approach then what i expected but it actually has nice good to see will power going Hard on the beats lik timbaland bangin the beats in the backround!..lik the direcon hes goin an how hes grown as a song writer an artist… love story should be dope! an im looking foward to this Trunk Muzik Returns!!..SUPA HOT BEATS

  • latinmonkey

    if he did some typical shit everybody would be saying he is trying to copy everyone else.

  • poetic assasin

    Cats don’t know music- this shit goes in. Rewind and come again.

  • submitcomment

    this shit is really fucking hard. @TheWise is right, he’s grown. He’s on some inter-galactic redneck shit. SLUMERICAN x Shady

  • 85

    the video killed the track for me… way better with audio only …

    sry bro.

  • HURRICANE King Game

    I fill like MGK stole this dudes hype sad

  • bold

    Hey camera op, you can hold that camera like someone who knows what they’re doing any fucking day now…

  • Obama

    @ latinmonkey This IS typical shit nigga. an yes the video looks low budget as hell. Shady clearly ain’t fuckin wit dude after takin the loss on his “Radioactive” flop. Fan boys are in denial. If you’re signed to Eminem, you got a single and video on TV with Kid Rock and still nobody wanna buy your shit. well then it just ain’t meant to be.

  • PistolPistol

    ^Impeach Obama….
    Catfish is looking like Bam though .. Lol
    Trunk Muzic Returnz will be dope…
    Quit hating and go bump that new PAC retardeezy shit. Queers

  • Billy

    Catfish Billy Helll yeahhhh!!! Trunk Muzik Returnz !!Go Get IT!!!

  • anonomilly

    lol at all the reets that say the video doesnt match the visuals…. this shit is interglactic space age pimp shit sounding, first vibe I got from the first listen… Video meshes very well…

  • B.A.G.

    The visuals are perfect for this song… stfu, shit goes hard

  • the point of the visuals was to express the way out part of the song…idiots…..and the y he gotta be white trash fuk ya city ass bitch….BAMA fa life…

  • trees

    song was okay…not feelin the video though

  • Follow Me On Twitter @iCardsFan502

    Dope. Fuck faggot ass haters.

  • Chronic

    People who don’t see past his accent are idiots, he’s one of he best lyricists in the game right now and he has a sound unlike anyone else, don’t get why people hate on him.

  • Shooga

    You hating on Yela trying to make his music and making his own lane, but love MGK and his poppa Diddy telling him what kind of music and how to make music. SMH

  • BBC|frn


  • YEAH!!!

    Aye nigga I fux with this shit right here. Dope af