• epinz

    Pete rock fell off…. mecca and the soul brother is top 5 for me, but I aint heard nothing great since the main ingridient

  • it’s the roc

    this is so refreshing, just because it’s good to see a producer selling himself and his beats to the artist. in this day and age you don’t get that much anymore, especially at this level

  • Your Father

    I get it. Joey Badass is nostalgic bout the 90s but you don’t move the culture forward by trying to emulate exactly what the ones before you did.
    Would be cool if he just stopped at Premo or just had one beat from Pete Rock and then worked with young producers to try put a “now” spin on the 90s sound.

  • Cinsere

    @ epinz… the INI album, joints he’s done for Ghost, Rae, Kanye… Pete still got it!

  • It’s the roc

    What I don’t get is this 90’s talk. Other than trap beats and an overabundance of wack rappers, what is so different between now and the 90’s? There was all kinds of production in the 90’s. Hell yeah jumped on a couple of tracks you could call 90’s during his GOOD Friday run. But nobody would ever say Ye was trying to bring back the 90’s. Listen, the only thing that separated the 90’s from these current eras is that there were a lot of great rappers and a few legendary ones. Now, with anybody being able to distribute their shit via the web, the percentage of great rappers is tiny, and the only legend is Ye.

  • Pete Rock’s “Soul Survivor vol. 1” was end-to-end heat, f*ck what u think u heard! Plus PR LACED Ghostface on Fishscale and Raekwon on “… Linx II’

  • Courso

    EPINZ, youre a fag

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  • D jones

    let him do what he wants, in the end he’ll develop a sound, but you have to experiment to find it, you don’t wake up one day knowing what you’re going to sound like, you work from your influences up. dumbasses.

  • Fuck creative control

  • Devante

    We gotta move forward, I don’t think Joey is a bad rapper I just don’t like him because he’s doing nothing new

  • ElPolloLoco

    There’s nothing new under the sun, It’s all been done. Don’t hate cause he’s not rapping over 80’s sounding hi-hats and 808 drum kicks or making hip-house / Dubstep rap. I find it refreshing to hear a new school rapper over what sounds like SP1200 made beats. It shows he respects the old school, in time I’m sure his sound will progress.

  • short bus shawty