Method Man & The Roots “Protect Ya Neck”

The rest of the Wu weren’t available so Method Man held things down with The Roots last night on Jimmy Fallon.

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  • real hip hop forget the new shit..

  • smh

    i hope they continue to bring out more folks from my generation of hiphop . ghosface,rae,jeru,epmd,redman,recite some Big L etc. this new stuff is trash and aint bout isht!!! all they want to do is smoke/pop mollys and dance around like Sambo’s. smh

  • koO

    W U T A N G


  • rahrahrah

    Aww Man!!! That’s a sweet sound in my ears. Wu-Tang coming back in 2013 like a comet!

  • KingTut

    Now that was a performance! Legends!

  • Nickey Black

    That was dope. I wish they would have did M.E.T.H.O.D MAN

    Meth probably open off live performances. I think Red and Meth can make major paper doing live music.

  • PistolPistol

    Absolutely fucking awesome

  • Black Shady

    DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great performanceeeeeeeeeeeee indeed

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  • ness

    Dope black thought is the truth

  • jesus

    omfg beautiful <3 the roots n method man real hip hop mad props iimmy fallon

  • mint

    Keyboardist kept messin up the groove! But dope nonetheless.


    “Nah, Shun, IMMA do OL DIRTY’s verse, shun, I GOT THIS…..” -METH

  • foolio

    He prolly did Dirt verse because he prolly wrote most of it