• jburg

    James gotta come with some better bars than that.

  • Joe

    august could blow up. great voice

  • Tha Bottom

    Dope track and dope videos but Jame$ needs some help. Perhaps Def Jam can allot some of the $2 Million they gave him for a team of ghostwriters.

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  • funny that everybody talkin bout Jame$ but no body mention this new ass nigga singin some bs…funny trinidad verse actually made since..go back and listen to exactly what he said

  • meh

    For all trinidads technical shortcomings atleast he stays on topic and says some sorta real shit

  • the brain trust

    the last 2 comments are idiotic.

    James spits one of the worst verses i’ve ever heard on a fairly decent song & you defend this nigga?

    SMH. Def Jam Execs= Clueless as always

  • King Chandler

    Ok, dude can sing with electronic assistance, now time to see if he has a good voice without studio magic, and Trinidad James is too bad to describe in words, him and Chief Keef getting multi million dollar contracts just makes me happy that eventually all record labels will be out of business and all artists will be selling independent. There is no need for the majors anymore, dudes are doing tours and getting radio play off of mixtapes and building cult fanbases through social networking.

  • flo

    hating ass niggas i swear. yall need lives

  • E!