New Video: Young Scooter Ft. Gucci Mane x OJ Da Juiceman “Street Lights”

Lock your doors and remain inside. Brick Squad’s Young Scooter, Gucci and Da Juiceman occupy the streets in their brand new video. Directed by Mr. Boomtown. Want more? Peep below.

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  • ***BLACK MIRROR***

    I can’t even diss this track…it does it itself…wow. -_____-
    PS. I have no respect for anyone who finds this shit appealing.

  • Johnson

    Young Scooter cracks me up it’s like his taking the piss out of the listener

  • es

    nice oj da juice man is sick

  • majormar

    i mean…. shit wak forreal but listenable… they growing on me a lil bit va norfolk

  • Jungle


  • assmaster

    wow. this is fucking disgusting. scooter gonna sink like trinidad james did. one hit wonder!

  • The Wise

    i see the hate but not fazed by it this tapes fucking bumps good shit young scooter!.Oj straight killed it !no pun intended lmao….but for anybody feeling this peep young scooters ..Made it thru the struggle thats that shit Mase Turnt it Up!