• Peekay

    Sit down and shut up, Wale! Raptors beat your bumb ass Wizards. You’re just firing up players even more by taunting them.

  • Ooph

    Come on Wale. You can’t be doing that.

  • rahrahrah

    “Perhaps somebody on twitter can tell me if they have ever heard of Wall-ay…he’s not Drake for sure”…Man the comedy is strong with these rappers. Don’t you listen to Papoose? “Walk up in your offices like Puff did Steve Stoute”. What is with these emotional and lame rappers?

  • Devante

    Lol that shit was funny… ” They said his name is Wall-Ay he’s a local rapper”

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    MMG artists stay getting clowned. Shout out to Matt Devlin.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • They didn’t know who Wale was so he brought a Drake lookalike to get past security.

  • These rappers get cornier by the hour. If there’s a camera around and a target that they know won’t do nothing,, they inner tough guy suddenly emerges.

    Get confronted or clowned by people actually bout that bull$hit,, they have no comment for ‘haters’.

  • The Wise

    Wale just Got Torched!! By a NBA Announcer LMFAO im not Gonna Lie i Fuck With Ross But His Team Stay Looking Madd Silly..Ross Needa Break Off From These Dudes real Quick

  • Obama

    Wale bitter cause nobody respect him when his Bawse ain’t around.

  • TH

    Really?? The joke actually is on those announcers! Wale is always on ESPN First Take, so who is really “local”??…he should go on there and ask Steve A and Skip Bayless, have they ever heard to those 2! SMH


    What a fag

  • Q

    “So Emotional” your right like how he went at Rosa lol

  • Kieran

    Even though everyone laughing at wale, As a canadian who watches many raptors games, these guys do suck.

  • Johnson

    RR are always late with things about MMG taking L’s it’s like they have to email William and get his permission to post it smh

  • Ramel

    It makes me laugh how much y’all really like this bird ass nigga Wale. The # of stories I have about this cornball are endless. From him getting Cocky in Club 5 in DC with some Gangstas & getting put on notice, to him disrespecting a producer inside the guys house in front of his wife & kids, to him mushing a female fan on stage. Son is a faggot!

  • Blue

    “He’s no drake that’s for sure” -tears falls down face

  • 50 CENT

    Lil man syndrome

  • mac DIESEL


    ………HA!!!! HOMO THUG!!!!!


  • Black Shady

    GLAD some1 punked his ass hahahaha i hate this guy

  • areal1

    @MACDIESEL I co-sign that shit 100% this nigga pussy

  • Tyreze

    AYO this dude said find someone on twitter who knows Wallay cuz he aint no Drake
    Wale and MMG take L’s in 2013.
    Meek Millz the other day said who dont ride for Rick Ross on the 50 beef so yeah basically its a wrap

  • Jav

    Wale is a clown. Emotional ass clown. His 15 minutes are over, take off the chain you sell out.

  • Jackson

    Wale is Yoruba for sensitive.


  • Lol

  • waymond

    Damn… the insecurities run deep. What credibility does the commentator have that would allow Wale to get butt hurt over a comment? Fallback and focus on the music, cause it’s not enjoyable like it used to be, pre MMG.

  • dmc

    What a loser

  • E$CO

    Wale is a fucking cornball and his music sucks

  • it’s the roc

    wale catches shade from every corner of the globe haha


  • Jav


    “Fallback and focus on the music, cause it

  • Hating Is For Suckas

    Wow, ok when people say something disrespectful about you I’m sure you all just take it. Didn’t know standing up for yourself = trying to be Tough
    And I never understand how people say MMG or any Rapper is losing They get Paid to Make Music…
    All that said he should have let it Go That announcer would have said that about 90% of the Rappers out now..

    This has been a comment from Hating Is For Suckas…
    Showing luv cost nothing and Hating doesnt Pay

  • Obama

    Now they gotta stage a fake shooting attempt on Wale?

  • ali

    local rapper?? theme song for espn first take??? all u saying that mmg stay mad is crazy

  • ayyeee

    Lol “he’s no drake thats for sure” Wale got butt hurt.

  • Peekay
  • girl boy

    smh rappers can’t have emotions now? yall niggas mad ignorant! if jay-z did it yall would be praisign him, treating him like god and shit fuck outta here. if yall gon clown one, clown em all! LIKE SERIOUSLY!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @girl boy. Wale is a punk for that. Glad somebody put him in check.

  • Mr.November

    E$CO says:
    Wednesday, February 20 2013 at 11:33 AM EST
    Wale is a fucking cornball and his music sucks

    I knew I wasnt the only one thinking this.
    Wale stays losing lmao
    Getting money though so he shouldnt even complain

  • @ girl boy

    “smh rappers can

  • DoinTooMuch

    Yo, I DIED when he said “he’s no drake, that’s for sure” LMAO!

  • HAQ

    A clown gets clowned, that’s just the way it is.

  • Foreign luccini


  • Balla

    This nigga too sensitiive. This ain’t the first time he got all butt hurt over someone else’s comments.

  • Da Trutthhhhh

    Your Joking right?

  • Polo

    Why people gettin mad over Wale it’s not like he’s listening to your music. If Wale wasn’t acting like an idiot he wouldn’t have got burnt.

    “He’s no Drake that’s for sure” lmao

    Drake saving that one for ammo in the future lol

  • djmailerdaemon

    shameful behaviour!

  • koa29

    lol figures, this is basically Wale responding to twitter hate but in real life. What a clown.

  • Jerzzz

    So Wall-e can run his mouth about Rudy Gay(friendly type jokin) but the announcer cant have a little fun with a no-name rapper?
    C’Mon Son.
    Where they do that female type sensitive shit at?
    I mean Really, C’Mon Son

  • King E

    This announcer just ethered this nigga with you even trying I’m dead!!!

    #Announcer Wins > Wale Mad lol

  • 85

    bitch chiiill …

  • Jerzzz

    Y’all should update with the video of his bitchass getting confronted then rushed to the van before yelling some tough guy shit.
    Someone remind these niggas they only have money cause somebody is a fan of their music, and if one of them few and far between motherfuckers wants a pic or autograph thats a part of your job to.

    “A nigga just wanted a picture with your bitchass, nigga fuck you, Your Boss A C.O”

  • Wale your NOT a thug. Now go read a book

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  • GB

    SMH at Internet thugs hating on Wale…do you guys like anyone?

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  • HK

    @Jackson says: “Wale is Yoruba for sensitive.”

    @Obama says: “Now they gotta stage a fake shooting attempt on Wale?”

    ^Pure comedy

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