J.Cole Explains How Nas Got “Stay”

When J.Cole released Truly Yours last week, the EP featured “Stay” produced by No ID. The song appears on Nas’ Life Is Good and it turns out Jermaine had the beat first but procrastinated on purchasing it. He also reveals that he missed out on Rick Ross’ “Tears Of Joy“. Gotta learn to live with regrets.


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  • spqWny

    cole is trash, stop posting news about him lol

    miss america : 600 K views on youtube and he is struggling to top these numbers with power trip.
    People clearly don’t care about him anymore

    • B.Dot

      @spqWny 600K views is a bad thing? smh. stop focusing on the #’s 90s baby.

  • It’s the roc

    Damn, it’s funny to see this happens at the highest levels as well. This happens to rappers on the come up all the time. Shoulda put that deposit down Simba.

    Good video


    yeah man, you gotta search long and hard to find your beats. beat buying is one of the most competitive aspects of the rap game. you gotta know there are a few dozen other rappers all looking, listening and browsing through the same small collection of beats at any given time.

  • D Twice


    Nobody checkin for him and yet you’re the first one to post on his video.

  • M.T

    damn what could have been.

  • Balla

    All y’all niggas do around here is hate. Cole>>> your fave rapper

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    J. Cole would’ve killed “Tears Of Joy”. I remember Just Blaze said Memphis Bleek miss out on “Stick 2 the Script”, “Oh Boy”.

  • Chris

    Nas killed “Stay” sorry Cole step aside

  • Chris

    Cole’s version of “Stay” was OKAY

  • Tec1Nyc

    Nas version of Stay = classic
    Jcole version of Stay = decent song. No repeat value

  • quese

    I think Cole flow was much better dnt kno what ysll mf talking about nas was off key most of the song no as far as the substance thats arguable

  • Fres87

    @quese..I think jcole is koo,but his version of “stay” was no where near nas version!

  • Real Talk

    @quese…LOL @ you saying Nas was off key most of the song. Nas absolutely killed on “Stay” and Cole knows this & so does everybody else.

  • @ZoomZoomDad-Otis “Tears Of Joy” is “Never Holding Back” on Travis Barker’s mixtape from 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQi9ghewiw

  • epinz

    Nas version of stay is classic shit. Cole aint even rhymin close to how nas was on it…everyrhing happens for a reason

  • Leon

    Cyhi the prince had that beat too on his royal flush mix tape

  • onenutned

    it’s part of the game…it really can’t be helped…you just gotta strike while the iron’s hot, the first nigga to record on it is probably gonna get the most love for it unless somebody wayne ya shit.

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  • Bhill

    That Stay beat is fuckin CLASSIC

  • DK

    Both versions of “Stay” are great in their own right. I do, however, give this one to Nas; simply because his version of the song fit in great with the overall structure of ‘Life is Good.’ Cole’s version would probably have worked with the overall tone he had with ‘Friday Night Lights.’ That mixtape is still in heavy rotation with me and was far better than his actual album, not to mention most rappers’ albums from that year.

  • Respect

    Coles tears of joy(no holdin me back) joint was better then rosses nd his stay joint was better then nases, nas was off beat like the whole song

  • Mo

    I love Nas version of Stay a bit more than Cole’s but they were both great IMO.

  • The Wise

    rap radar has the biggest dumbasses i swear..Since When Did Rapping on Beat Make a verse better Then Sumbody Elses..SMFH..Nas KILLED stay it was what he was actaully talkin about that made that actaul song along with the smooth instrumental…why the fuck do people think that u have to out rap a beat or spit punchlines for it to be hot…really cant stand this new generation of rap fanz..FUCK IT IM GOING COUNTRY!

  • Word

    Haters gonna hate.

    Yall only saying Nas version was better cuz yall heard it first and dont wanna put the younger rapper over the legend. And those of yall that really do feel Nas did better (which is expected and ill explain why) is because for Cole, he said that was just gonna be an interlude if you guys actually watched the video. Couple quick bars, stories, nothing major. Despite that, Coles version of Stay was pretty damn good to me. I liked those stories and rhymes, plus it was only like what? 2-3 minute song?

    Stay to Nas was a song he felt he had to put very personal bars and rhymes on and thats why you should expect it to be better compared to someone who was gonna use it as an interlude at first. Either way they both did their thing on it and beat is fucking classic.

  • Word

    One rapper approaches a track as an interlude. One approaches it as a primary track on the album. Who’s do you expect to be better? Think folks.

  • thafucc

    What the fucc is tears of joy…Ross killed what? Don’t know that song. I do however know Stay that Nas killed. So of all the songs he says someone murked it should be the Nas joint. LMAO gotta be fuggin kiddin me man. Basic ass rhymin nigga. He was cool for his first 2 mixtapes tho….just cool.

  • ablacktv

    I love Cole…but Nas version was not only better, but Classic, my favorite song off the album actually..everything happens for a reason

  • That Guy

    Nas owns “Stay.” Not even physically; what he did to that beat gives him ownership on levels higher than monetary exchange.