Lil Wayne “Love Me” Hits Gold

j.cole-lil wayne-drake-birdman-mack maine

Apparently, it’s more than just bitches that love Tune. Chart News reports his Drake and Future-assisted single, “Love Me” is at #18 on the charts this week with 548,712 in sales. Bring out the kush and alcohol.


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  • Regardless of the negative press, real fans are focused on his artistry and are loyal to the GREATEST rapper dead or alive! Go Weezy!

  • Gambino


  • Anonymous

    SweeetnesT – Stop sucking his dick bitch.

  • Safe Dwade

    Some Gold kush sound nice, idk bout some gold alcohol doe


    Look at J.Cole on the sideline…get it?

  • Black Chalk

    that was fast…future’s first plaque? im bout to look that up

    need beats?

    the real^

  • Black Chalk

    edit: he went gold with “magic” and “turn on the lights”


    wack ass song, fuck Wayne

  • Word

    Let it be known: put Drake on your song, it will be a hit. Future and Drake drove this song, Wayne sounded more like the featured artist to me.

  • Safe Dwade

    Nah it sounded like a equal split between the 3 as far as who’s track it seems it is. Actually i beleive it sounds like its Wayne’s why the fuck would he give somebody 2.5 verses? On 1 song

  • JOHNYblaze

    ya the song is cool , cant front when im out the bitches DO truly feel this track. I see what weezy did with apologizing, and just what this track signifies, i get it. Check out this review for the Love Me video that someone posted, stating how its illuminati and shit, if you read to the end there is interesting shit int it.

  • anonymous

    DRAKE’S SONG #10 ON CHARTS…. eat that wayne lol

  • fried chicken

    That was fast… this nigga is immune to loss.

  • Safe Dwade

    How is drakes song being #10 bad for Wayne you dumb ass

  • @anonymous

    What an idiot… thats Drake’s song but Lil Wayne collect the money from the song.

  • ayyeee

    The reason why this song went gold is the hook. Weezy horrible delivery

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  • spqWny


    fortunately we have kendrick lamar who already saved hip hop once

  • ighttttt

    damn already

  • anonymous

    @Safe Dwade, true..wayne gets paid everytime Drake sells, but im talking from a competitive standpoint.

  • Foreign luccini

    Lil Wayne should of kept doing work wit Cassidy, young money should signed that nigga he better a a better role player then the clowns they got now. Bow wow, lil twist, Mack Maine, gutta, millz. That’s they d-league team!! Bunch of ray Jackson’s never seeing the league.

  • Eh, never really liked the guy. His music just doesn’t…mesh…with me. I don’t feel it, I guess.

  • acidrap

    All ye weak ass niggas rejoice lol!!

  • short bus shawty

    i guess its true when they say that the ‘BOTTOMS’ shall rise to the top. SMH !!!