Macklemore On “Wing$” Criticism


Earlier this month, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis track “Wing$” was licensed in a commercial for the NBA All-Star break. The placement received some backlash for allegedly contradicting its underlying theme. Macklemore responded to the “sell-out” accusations last night on his website. Some people will never be satisfied.

Over the past couple days, I

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  • naaah

    Dude said the most for no reason.
    im sure we all know what K.I.S.S means….

  • People love overly critiquing this dude. I just love seeing him win. He stretches the bounds of hiphop, without compromising the art form – unlike the majority of popular MCs out.

    This is just another example of envy and personal bias turning into unfair criticism…and he handled it perfectly.

    Dude might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t deserving of his success. In all actuality, he’s way more deserving than many

  • Holla

    Macklemore stay winning. So far he’s 143364353675487456746 wins and no chance of losing!

  • Ridalen

    He’s reaching in his logic but he has a point about reaching a bigger audience

  • anon

    Well said Beware. People just enjoy throwing others under the bus. Most of the ones complaining about him selling out would have done so themselves in a millisecond given the opportunity.

  • Los

    The irony is they were using shots of the players SNEAKERS in the intro. For the 90%+ of people who won’t even bother to look up that song, it was just used to sell a few hundred thousand pairs of sneakers. I understand where he’s coming from, but if he doesn’t realize he compromised his integrity even slightly (even if it was a means to an end), he’s in denial. And remember, ends never justify the means.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Hmmmmm, lets guess this was posted by B.Dot-tm? Yup

    @ B. Dot I thought you said Star (of Star & Bucwild) was your inspiration, you missed the part of his interview, with the combat jack show, which he states Hip-Hop is missing the lack of objectivity.

    B. Dot I have no beef with you. Just understand the reason the AP is a reputable news source is due to their lack of objectivity. If you desire to be respected as a Hip-Hop Journalist hone that skills, bro.

  • ness

    When your winning people hate the people calling him a sellout are not his fans anyway and how does an artist in 2013 sellout when people steal music.

  • roman_forten

    seems pretty straightforward guys

    i dare any other artist out today to write out some shit like this …..lupe and shyne are the only ones out there making larger/broader statements to the masses that clearly address in an indepth manner

    whether people CHANGE lyrics and the paperwork states you have to (business ink) it shouldnt matter.

    sell out my ass, when an ad agency pumps your shit out like pollution from a coal plant you can only focus on your art and the integrity as an artist.


  • Yeezus Christ

    this dude stays winning, and more people keep hating

  • Heat with that 30 call me D-Wade!!

    Personally I don’t understand the hype with this guy,I just think its funny how quickly he sold out for a commercial.THEY EDITED LYRICS OF HIS SONG TO CONVEY A DIFFERENT MESSAGE FOR VIEWERS WATCHING….and he was okay with it.

    Please don’t DELETE my comment because you disagree with my OPINION rapradar lol

  • Real.


  • County Of Kings

    i really dont see the appeal in this guy’s music. its just not for me i suppose. or maybe i need to hear some of the early stuff and not the mainstream stuff. cuz that pop some tags shit is the worst to me…i repeat, to me

  • Los

    What is with your hipster pussies always taking an opinion other than your own as “hating?” In that case, doesn’t that automatically make you a nut hugging groupie? You like extremes don’t you?

  • dave

    whats the best song from this guy? i never listen to this guy because he looks like a hipster douche but ima try give his music a try and see if its any good.

    • B.Dot

      @dave i would recommend “Jimmy Iovine” or “Neon Cathedrals”. I think “Can’t Hold Us” is a great record as well

  • RR Cool J

    The word you’re looking for is “contradicting”, not “contracting”. Just trynna help

  • Knife the Mack


    cant hold us…..has the bite like a shark on shark week
    but when did he enter hopsins contest?

  • brollya

    i dont fuck wit dude at all but so wat…. jus cuz he got his song on a worldwide nba commercial dont mean nothin…. niggaz out here tryna get this money…. let the nba change a couple of words…. i kno he got a fat check from it and his loyal fans should not care cuz they know the original one…. he stil on his hip hop shit so it dont matter…. niggaz jus lik to nip pick for nothing… they said slaughterhouse went commercial, they say wale did, they say wiz did(even tho he did), almost everybody… u niggaz aint payin his rent or givin him money…. so jus chill and let him do him…. i wonder did big poppa go commercial now since his song on taco bell in another language?…. he aint even have to write dat whole letter either…. it was worthless

  • you lost

    B. dot loses everytime he posts something about this dude. its shameful about dickriding you do tbh

  • tre

    He’s reaching quite a bit to be honest. He knows full well that NBA culture is one of the biggest purveyors of sneaker culture. The two are virtually inseparable.

    Trying to claim that this is the lesser of two evils is simply a bad justification. He’s already seen continuing success…there is simply no justification to devaluing the song by placing it in a context that is virtually the exact opposite of what it addresses.

    To be clear, I’m happy that they got the opportunity to do an NBA all star ad but I’m deeply disheartened that they chose to do it with the song Wings. Any other song, no issues.

  • djmailerdaemon

    WORD. Can’t argue with that.