• GTFO

    Mister Cee still a Fassi.

  • Your Father

    LMAO! This dude totally ignored the incident till it went away.
    It’s no one’s business who he likes but when you get caught the way he did I feel it’s better to just be honest cause you acting like it never happened says a lot about your character as a man.
    Live your truth!

  • productofme

    Kid Capri – still one of the best on the planet. Mad he didnt cut up 900 number though.

  • acidrap

    This the guy that like trannys right? Why he on here every damn day with his weak ass outdated mixes?

  • Amber Walls

    So….are we okay with the fact that he has sex with boys?

  • tikupkid

    I couldn’t give a f less if he screws farm animals… If it wasn’t for this man, there would of never been a Kane, and Biggie wouldn’t of had an outlet to be discovered….

  • Alonzo

    I remember when Kid Capri came to Lancaster, PA back in the winter of 95. Him and Lazy K tore the place down. That’s how party is supposed to be deejayed