• Pardonmyswag

    About time, But damn no Janet??

  • Sample

    That chick on the bed will now forever be famous for that beautiful thigh got has blessed her with.

  • Johnson

    Drake ruins the song but i understand why he was put on it

  • ShamGAWD

    No one peeped but the ambulance at the end has a 718 area code. That’s Brooklyn for those that don’t know. Kendrick did that on purpose as a symbolic gesture to how far east/west coast rappers have come friendship wise. Salute

  • Devante

    718 isn’t just a Brooklyn area code?

  • brollya

    video jus made my day….. my nigga is really takin over this rap shit….. i will be happy and watchin it everytime i got some time…… all we need is a streets is watchin, murder was the case type movie for all the tracks…… he leavin all des lame ass rappers in the dust….. women lie, men lie, numbers dont

  • Westside

    My nigga YG made an appearance! Haha #WEST

  • ShamGAWD

    718 is parts of Queens & the BX. But mostly Brooklyn. He was obviously sending a message knowing 718 is not an area code anywhere in Cali.

  • Devante

    Nigga why are you tell me this I live in NY lol

  • HOVA

    Pretty wack

  • hiiipowerbish

    beautiful video #TDE #hiiipower ^^^^

  • ShamGAWD

    @devante you had a question mark initially

  • A$APjew

    Kendrick new artisthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHxEMa0MnLw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • I didn’t see this one coming

  • The Wise

    video didnt live to the song hype..dope song not a good video he coulda actually gave us a decent slow jam vibe feel good video (which wouldve been alot better)..instead of always showing same hood troubles ..this is why kendicks album has its misconception with it not being a classic.. he can make good songs but he really is missing the mark wether it beats videos or lyrics..he doesnt have that consistency star trademark like prior dre protege affiliates..id be surprised if he drops another album that does even nearly the numbers GKMC hadd

  • Juss Watch

    The video was shot in the Bronx…I think the 718 area code was more of a mistake than anything.

  • the brain trust

    @ the wise

    I agreed with you when you criticised the video. It’s very bland, doesn’t align with this song & features cliched scenes & cinematography.

    I also agree with you saying Kendrick doesn’t have that ‘star trademark’. I think it’s his mind-numbingly dull personality.

    You completely lost me when you criticised his beats & lyrics though -_____-

  • spqWny

    amazing video

    Kendrick Lamar narrates a tragic love story in the cinematic video for

  • Yo-laa

    kendrick’s natural charisma is incredible, already a king

  • Rattle1qf

    Yeah he has a lot of charisma, he is too good

  • zeerax

    best rapper ever

  • liu

    Love it, video was cool, it reminded me of the film with Ice Cube

  • oripiouh

    Impressive, kendrick is really on top with this video. iconic

  • BBC|frn

    beautiful video #TDE #hiiipower ^^^^

  • Mo

    Video is decent but I don’t think it fits necessercily with the concept of the song. But I’m glad the video is finally out.

  • Buin I

    I’m so glad he isn’t afraid to do things artfully even when on top of the world. That’s so rare.

  • Da44avis

    I’m so glad he isn’t afraid to do things artfully even when on top of the world. That’s so rare.


  • Dopeness

    fits perfectly the song !!!

    Kendrick Lamar narrates a tragic love story in the cinematic video for

  • best rapper right now

  • ghetto runNer

    Great video, it’s rare to see an artist with a lot of success like him who doesn’t compromise on both his albums & videos

  • draag

    Young guru said that good kid maad city was a classic; damn this album is praised as hell.

    King Kendrick Lamar

  • Gonz0

    There are a lot of West Coast rappers in the video G Malone, Dom Kennedy, YG, Jay Rock, etc.
    The ambulance at the end has a 718 area code. That

  • Wiser

    @shamGAWD ion know about all that symbolism but I do know I was at the video shoot and it was shot in the Bronx my brother. At least the block party part. Spare us all that symbolism shit LOL

  • MMGf

    when you get the concept of the video, you realize that it’s legendary.

  • Gooona

    beautiful video #TDE #hiiipower ^^^^

  • Alphs

    King Kendrick Lamar released a fucking great and deep video

  • fifflaren @ rran

    another big Win for Kendrick

  • klqrence

    Both rappers did very well.

    great video.

  • The Wise

    @the Brain Trust

    im sayin this based off his recent features..(Song With dido..new 50 colab..which pissed me off cuz that was a smooth beat an outta 50,kidd kidd & Kendrick surprisingly.. Kendricks was the worst) what ever this new spazz flow he using..he aint doin it right..last time i liked a kendrick song an beat was The Jig Is Up..(good Spazz Flow)..an as u were sayin as far as beats go there getting dull .. perfectly as u said……..As we all know when ur behind dre..Mediocre is not an option..dont get me wrong i really do like kendrick but his album didnt blow me away..which i expected it to..an he needs to set a trail blaze if he wants to keep whatever stardom he hass….personally i think hes in the same boat as j.cole… a perfect example

  • LikeJordan45

    I always want Kendrick to win but this video was wack as hell to me and didn’t fit the song at ALL, more so the overall “hood” theme of the album. In addition to this dropping wayyyyy too late to capitalize on it’s initial success and maximize it’s potential I just think it could have been done better.

    Kendrick still that nigga doe

  • Hybrid

    Thought I saw E-40 in the video too

    very good video

  • Hybrid

    LOL Kendrick had the best verse on WE up.
    the whole world was praisong his verse.

  • TheChef

    Kendrick is really the best rapper out there.
    killed 50 on his own song, dropping solid verses on Emeli’s song, this man can’t lose

  • TheChef

    Kendrick Lamar

  • Killaz

    Kendrick Lamar is already a legend like Tupac

  • MarX

    good song.
    his album was one of the best albums I have ever heard.

  • ANnderS0n

    Very good visuals

  • Anpn

    Too? deep for simple minds…

  • gqqgg

    Hip hop is saved!!!?

  • Fif @@@ f

    Dope of course!! Like the concept of the video, though, I don’t see how it’s rly telling the story? of the album if Kendrick dies in this clip.. And we see you makin’ that camio Jay Rock! Money trees pls..

  • Mxs

    was that dom? kennedy in the video on the left at 3:37 – 3:39?

    very good video, the best I have seen this year… Deep content

  • Pop123

    love this video! that? must of been awkward to just be laying there like that tho lmfao. Im foolin. good shit tho.

  • Its great to see? Kendrick Lamar bring a creative mind back to hip hop- he’s a breath of fresh air…

  • arrrf

    there needs to be more rap like this.
    GKMC = the only classic album of the decade with MBDTF

  • haiki

    Great hip-hop that everybody loves, we gotta get back there and this is a step in? that direction.


    you know drake aint turnin up to the hood to shoot his part LMAO

  • The Wise

    kendrick stans needa cutt it out with the whole “U dont get the concept” shitt..ur not that intellectual an its not hard to comprehend ..stop praiseing basic shit..its a video where a dude wants a girl an he get shot protecting her.. whats not to understand..now if yall where smart what he couldve done was make athis more geared towards a summer vid that way he woulve still be capitolizing of the album instead this shit will be forgotten by then..for a supposably smart guy hes making lott of the wrong descions…P.s Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe with lady gaga on the hook is better then the album version…poetic justice..1 song of the album for the ladies an of couse she get popped in the video..lmfao..idk what hes thinking but i guarantee bitches sure aint gonna go out there way to watch this

  • lolQ

    best rapper of our generation

  • to the wise and everyone else

    to everyone saying that the video doesnt go with the song and so on you just don’t understand the concept…please stop and look more deeply into songs, instead of trying to sound “wise” and “smart” on this website…no one want’s to see your half educated opinions trying to act smart because you use big words

  • ramSt

    so, Kendrick is the most acclaimed rapper of the decade, his album is one of the most praised of all time, he has had the craziest increase of popularity, most of the journalists and artists call this album a classic…

    Kendrick won

  • turnit

    WOW there, very very deep content

  • poLi

    thats the hip hop i first fell inlove wiv?

  • Dav1d

    kendrick is killing everything right now.

    Very dope video

  • The Wise

    “to the wise and everyone else” u just repeated what i said… clearly retarded ..theres no hiddin messages ..stop actin like u fucking found WALDO lmao ..theres no hidden messages an it obvious what the vids about..the video is clear as day what its about!…if u think kendricks making u smarter ..then ur jus a step away from walking on the short bus lmao

  • the brain trust

    @ The Wise

    These niggas are disgusting dickriders.

    They’re acting like this rather slow paced, forgettable video was a fucking Scorcese flick. LMAO

    Talking bout ‘oh it’s genius! You don’t get the concept’ and then conveniently avoiding any explanation as to WHY its genius.

    I’m criticising this video as huge Kendrick fan btw.
    Oh and @ the wise, you buggin. Kendrick’s verse on Dido’s single was brilliant. Listen to the song again.

  • f0rest

    Brilliant video.
    very deep

  • ThatGuyFif

    @The Wise ur point was mute as soon as u said the lady gaga version was better.

  • biggra

    best video I have seen in a while, iconic

  • trimaS

    kendrick is really the best right now.

    this video reminds me of the film Poetic Justice.
    This is clearly brilliant

  • Readyto

    good vid by the god kendrick

  • liuAn

    i love the song? and the video took it to the next level, the content is really deep

  • Julie

    I WANT more people to listen to him.
    Calling him the best hip hop artist isn’t enough for someone like him, he is an icon, a legend.

  • freddu

    Yo! This vid was so deep! brings the full meaning of the song together. Damn… We need more SKILLED artists like Kendrick

  • yEAAAJ

    This video is dope. Glad it tells a story, and does something different. Not like the shit that Khaled and people that are associated with him put out i.e. there’s always some kind of running theme that they’re always being chased by someone (cops/criminals) and make a daring escape by the end.

  • iamtheman

    dope video.. gives me the same vibe as this..http://bit.ly/Xjtntk

  • BBC|frn

    Kendrick’s natural charisma is impressive

  • Tef

    Cali niggaz really are stuck in a different decade Foreal when it comes to style, like Menace and Boyz N Da Hood just came out in theaters. Lol. So much so that I’m not sure if the video is supposed to be set in the mid-90’s or now.

  • my thoughts to the wise

    kendrick is in love with the girl but in reality shes fuck all the other dudes, probably more than 1, which would explain drake trying to get in contact with her when hes calling and leaving a voicemail. one of the doods shes doing sees her and kendrick decides fuck this and kills them both and Kendrick dies showing that love can be blind and dangerous. AKA SHERANE…aka who he mentions throughout the album….so wise..do you see that it really does go with the song? or are you going to look more into simple concepts like you wanted

  • haikidoku

    Respect to Kendrick. Love this song.

    Won’t be surprised? if this hit a million tomorrow.

  • hmmm

    so kendrick had the best selling album, but what people are proclaiming is that he’s going to fall off…smh

  • high

    I think I get it.

    Kendrick is in love with the girl but little does he know shes a ho and is fucking with other niggas (which explains Drakes part).One of the guys shes fucking with finds out about her and K.Dot and decides to get revenge? and kill them. Kendrick dies in vain showing that loving blindly is dangerous. Which he did with Sherane which caused the events of the story in GKMC

  • Killaz

    Kendrick is going to dominate this decade.
    2012= kendrick and 2013 is starting to be his year too

  • Phyucku Dusumtin

    If you like good music, then you should support any and everything Kendrick does whether you like it or not.

  • The Wise

    look the videos decent..i get the point..understand u guys views ..but all in all the video couldve been allot better point blank period..

    @thatguyfif an NO of course u must think ur sum cool guy that couldnt think lady gaga is remotely useful..but her voice sounded better then the robotic voice on the album..so jump of a bridge

    …@the Brain Trust.. lmfao i was gonna say since when did this dude become “Tarentino”..ya apparently kendrick thinks so above an beyond use regular humans…we couldn’t possibly comprehend whats gong on… an ur right this is a slow paced song but the video drags the shitt out the song making it worse..it doesnt mesh well at all…

    crazy thing about this situation is that I LIKE Kendrick but his (dickHangers)think there acutally smart jus cuz they defend him?!?! with no points…an ive seen this go on multiple hip hop sites
    (hip hopdx,sohh,etc ..



  • Mattyboy

    Doep video concept and Guru is right classic album!

  • too dark

  • Foreign luccini

    Lego lets get that platinum plate!!

  • beee ace

    i hope they dont fuck up money trees.. i hope they get a real director forthat one..they are in LA for gods sake.

  • Travis

    My boy Denzil Porter is in the vid! (1:13) that’s love from Bronx To Cali

  • _R

    so kendrick took drake bitch? and then got caught in the crossfire,,,,, poetic justice

  • bold

    Kendrick has yet to have even a somewhat good video, so disappointing. I’ve never seen an artist with more of a gap between their music and visuals than him – great music, forgettable visuals

  • Killaz

    the video is probably one of the best of the year.

  • azzze

    MTV just called this video “a perfect visual”

    damn, kendrick had the most acclaimed album of the year and now, he is going to have the most acclaimed video !!!!!

  • xda

    perfect video of a perfect artist

  • frankieb

    Kendrick Lamars delivery is attrocious. ugggghhhhh!!!

  • frankieb

    So, Im hearing so many different descriptions for what the video and song say and how they go together. What i get from it is that the song is called poetic justice because Drake is actually the girls boyfriend and she leaves the city and is messing with Kendrick and gets shot while cheating on Drake therefore poetic justice. Also the fact that Drake has a girl in the bed and is cheating as well there is some poetic justice for him as he loves her and although he had another girl hes still tryimg to get in touch with the girl that gets shot.

    All that said i still think Kendrick Lamars delivery is horrible and the fact that half of what he says does not rhyme at all and there is notnmuch in terms of wordplay or metaphor take away from any chance of him being some ‘genius’

  • liu

    Kendrick is really the best lyricist, it’s incredible

  • oripiouh

    Kendrick just killed drake ahaha

    He has such one of the best delivery in the whole rap game !

  • DrakuLa

    damn, Kendrick Lamar is probably the only great rapper right now

  • imolaHa

    1. Kendrick Lamar

    2. Tupac

    3. The rest

  • v1ent

    Good to see Kendrick Lamar do a video for this reminds us of the actual movie? Poetic Justice

  • Claudio Oliveira

    kendrick? reall rapper

  • YMCMB fan

    going to buy his album right now, I don’t know a single rapper who is better than kendrick Lamar

  • Hybird

    yeah Kendrick Lamar has something special, nobody cna be as good as him, he took tis song on another level !

  • dark

    King Kendrick Lamar saved hip hop a lot of times

  • Freeweez

    Kendrick is really the best rapper of this decade

  • Roledy

    . Really nice gesture Kendrick, his charisma is incredible

  • kimmy

    best rapper alive

  • ANnderS0n

    kendrick is bringing back real hip hop

  • to the wise

    so you want him to make a video that has no relevance to the song itself? it has a chill vibe which you are correct about, but thee song has more meaning that a “chill vibe”…i understand what your saying, but like i said if he did a video that you suggested it would not make sense too the music…

  • Gooona

    Kendrick Lamar is really the battery of the hip-hop machine since he came out.

    Kendrick > Tupac > The rest.

  • ahhSter

    this man is just the perfect rapper.


    funny thing iskendrick lamar is what lil wayne should have evolved into after Carter 3, ,I know that may sound weird, but thats my opinion,

  • amadoue

    Kendrick is really good, probably the best rapper since the 90’s

  • demo

    kendrick = hiphop

  • I fucks with homage paid to Boyz in the hood

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