Kanye Rants At Hammersmith Apollo

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t fuckin’ with that ‘Suit & Tie’.”

Like we always do at this time. Following Kanye’s performance of “Clique” at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, he got some things off his chest. He spoke on his

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  • Tev Milli

    Lol gotta love Ye

  • Yup !


  • fh

    Yea but you fuc with skirts lol

  • edi


    lil wayne, tyga, nicki, juicy j, french montana, rick rosss, birdman, and more need to see this………………….

    its not about the money



  • black

    lmao yn is mad

  • smooth daddy

    he dissing timbaland on the low


    nigga salty about jz/jt tour, lol…..yeah, i’m probably reaching.

  • fuck you

    its about the deal jay-z signed… i dont know but that nigga gave away all of kanyes work lmao

  • bojack

    that kim k shit finally hit him

  • pptheTruth.

    edi says:
    Saturday, February 23 2013 at 8:25 PM EST

  • koO

    man these segments are powerful.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kanye sometimes you gotta shut up. This guy is off his meds again.

  • SeaMan

    the god has spoken unto thee

  • NYC

    yup, he mad JT and Hov touring together and hes not part of it

  • Everybody speculating… What if he just doesn’t like Suit & Tie as a song?

    You don’t have to reach very far…

    Kanye does seem like he is going through something though, I wish he would just rap about it and get it off his chest. The rants are weird but its Ye… It would be way realer if he put it in his raps.

    I remember when Kanye pushed the envelope with his music, now its watered down and dudes wearing skirts and shit like that.

  • G

    am i the only one who think that piano riff of “Clique” went hard af ? ..don ding don , don don don, that shit was hard af, plus when he started saying “real niggas don live to long” over and over. shit was nice

    anyways, him and Jay still homeboys btw, don’t misinterpret what he was saying

  • SeaMan

    nah he just a real nigga

  • Jaymalls

    This is on some 2 PAC shit… Ye really speaking his mind! I think the reason y he brought up suit & tie is because they performed it at the Grammys… In his previous rant, he spoke about being their “puppets” and dancing around on the stage for them… “But not me!”

    P.S. He got at Lil Wayne in this shit too! :KobeSmile:

  • Unknown

    Kanye is a media whore. He’s just jealous that it’s ‘Jay Z & Justin Timberlake’ getting all the attention and not him.

  • BlackDivine

    mm,kanye be buggin alot,but atleast he sayin some real shit this time while he buggin,
    this nikka funny

  • JustMyOpinion

    That’s the problem with the “internets,” they choose sides as opposed to listening to what’s begin said.

  • ASAP Jamz

    Ye gets praised whenever he goes on a rant, but Wayne gets ridiculed because he does the same thing?

    And if Ye was a “real nigga” he would’ve name-dropped. Subliminals don’t make a man. Wayne put out names, so ya’ll know he wasn’t scared. You knew exactly what he was talking about but you don’t know who or what Ye is referring to.

  • pptheTruth.

    asap jams shut the fuck up. you grabbing the asap nickname to add to yours shows you dont know music.. if you think for one second asaps albbum was better than his mixtape gtfoh.. plus.. wayne said shit then retracted it..plus wayne wont get mad at someone in the music biz who can do damage to him.. hell get mad at gillie da kid.. or nba stars.. smfh.. can lil wayne jsut overdose already? unless he is going back to how he rapped pre carter 3 this dude needs to die so all the fan boys/girls who are 23 and under can have clear heads and see waht they are wearing makes them look retarded as fuuuuckk.. hipster kids look so fucking stupid. old man rant

  • Donn

    Everything you see is all marketing

  • And i aint fukin with that wack ass compilation album you made…
    And fuck the grammys? Why cuz its drizzys turn ?
    Drake will excell anything kanye does from here on out..only thing i get dissapointed at is drake doesnt priclaim himself like he should..cu he is that nigga

  • pistalonthedressor

    well in other new caught this dopeness on worldstar…http://bit.ly/Xjtntk

  • Jungle

    In all fairness drake albums are contemporary r&b life is good shoulda won period real rap classic. Drake had the best rhythm and blues album


    that shit was godly,, wtf ..

    its better then wayne cuz its actualy got flow, n its a fucking song, n he aint just sayin fuck him fuck them i fucked his bitch…

    that shit was fuckin ill

  • Tat baby

    Ion even this is a diss about da song , I think he’s just saying as a businessman he dont fuck wit suit & ties like jay z do . He do business as is ….stop starting shit

  • This is the same wack ass nigga that spends 10 bucks on his videos and calls it art!

  • Same niga that always praises himself ..but never mentionng eminem cuz he shits on u on evry statistic ..so u act like he doesnt exist

  • Devante

    Lol Kanye be throwing fits when he finds out Jay worked with other producers…

  • SDz

    lol ye just went over niggas head… even mine…. @ tat baby…….. i think you’re right

    shit blew my mind lmao…. nigga aint even talkn about the song… he was rappin too… so ya

  • Winston Churchill


  • SDz

    metaphor alert

  • SDz



    . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-

  • WHO

    yo this motherfucker is BACK!!!!!!

  • diamonds on my blocka

    kanye a real nigga

  • 2 cents

    Man yall just don’t understand this man. I feel him.

  • MikeWillMadeIt

    Fuck the nba
    fuck the grammys
    fuck the heat
    fuck the pres
    Fuck lebron
    Fuck suit & tie
    Fuck she’wade
    Fuck taylor swift
    Fuck bosh
    Fuck amber rose
    I fucked chris bosh wife
    I fucked Chris Humphries wife
    These rappers be throwing fits

  • cockINass

    This shit was tough. Nigga talking bout putting the pink polo back on lmbao.

    Skirt ye>>>>>>>>> pink polo ye

  • D Twice

    The way he starts talking at the end was priceless. Hahahah sound like a straight honkey.

  • King

    this fag is just jealous….Suit & Tie is great

  • watchthethrone

    “i promise ill put the pink polo back on” hahahah love ye

  • D Twice

    ^All these rap fans you would think they know a metaphor when they hear it. smh

  • Wow! Kanye is basically saying fuck Jay Z and anybody else who compromises their artistic integrity for corporate interest. The reason Ye is so BIG is because he has stayed true to the music. The same can’t be said for multi million dollar business men or blogs. Remind me why we in this shit?!?!

  • JERZ

    agree with @tat baby and @SDz, YE was just using “Suit & tie” as a clever metaphor/reference

  • kneedeepinstatic


  • epinz

    This the same ngga wearin a skirt, complainin cuz mtv and the grammys didnt give him no award. Hes a hyprocrit…

  • PS We all heard Watch The Throne the general consensus is Kanye killed Jay on every track. Also lets not forget Wayne outsold WTT and shot shots directly at Jigga and his wife and he still hasn’t replied. Weezy might’ve been right when he said dude is pussy. An American Gangster wouldn’t let so much disrespect linger. I’m just sayin…

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    hahahahahahahahaha what a fag

  • HAQ

    lame publicity stunt. these fags don’t got no dignity.

  • Zaki


  • _R

    @Tat baby. He was definitely talkin about the song,,, u don’t remember the rosewood when good music was all wearing them tight ass suits n skinny ties 2 years ago

  • brollya

    hahahahahahaa my nigga kanye comin back to the hip hop side…he jus went off on this shit….. he jus went in on this shit………corporations can suck my dick……. hahahahaha

  • Richard

    I think kanye is butt hurt that jay is doing stadium tour with JT not him! Kanye would never be able to sell out a stadium tour!

  • Blackgodlover1979

    Suit and tie metaphor … Lol the slow transformation of kanye to tupac

  • D Twice

    What world do you live in?

  • Jay

    Suit and Tie line was a metaphor diss to the grammys not a shot at Justin Timberlake.

  • sorry baby

    lmao line of the year…. niggas in here heated for nothing
    taking sides n shit…. niggas done threw away they kanye music n shit….

    poor little nigglets and crackeretz

  • sorry baby

    rap fans dumb as shit (METAPHOR ON THEIR LEVEL)

  • sorry baby

    or simile…. same difference… like or as….etc blah blah blah

  • the lum

    man I’m a white ass dude from Australia and even I know that kanye was talking about the business side of the industry and using suit and tie as a metaphor for it… the whole rant was about how wack the industry is now it had nothing to do with jay. hov is the only reason kanye ever made it, and clique is a freaking song he has with jay he’s not gonna randomly call out his longtime friend and mentor in london after performing it lol

  • .

    To Kanye : Practice what you preach.

  • Jerzzz

    Nigga sounds like Jay used to sound……………
    “I got love for Kanye as a producer, But i aint fuckin with him as an artist”

  • HAQ

    Deletin’ comments? Truth hurts, ay?

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  • DK

    “How much shampoo can you sell wit’cho face on it an’ shit?!”

    Easily the best line in that whole rant.

  • Zombie Rick

    I got love for Ye but this nigga on his period right now

  • lilrizq

    This youtuber named mega mega summed it up the best. He said, “If yall don’t like Kanye, then yall would have hated 2pac
    I can tell some of yall some lil kids, you too use to all these faggots ass other artists always being politically correct! If you can’t handle Ye speaking about how he feels, yall definitely? couldn’t have handled 2pac’s era! go look at sesame street youngins”. Co-sign 300%

  • Vintage

    There will always come a time on every man’s love to part with your bi brother and be your own man.. especially with a baby on the way! Discussion closed.

  • Beaming

    Kanye great and all but he just like every other rapper thinking he king of the world and shit. Cut that egotistical shit out and be real.

  • xedos

    Kanye complain that JT got 10 minutes to perform on the Grammys while Miguel get 2 minutes how is that fair?

  • dafyysci

    Cause no one would get on stage and say they didn’t know who the hell JT was.

  • 9th Wonder


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  • cece

    Why is he coming for beyonce for? she didn’t do anything.

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