Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Outlook Ad

Microsoft just redesigned their Outlook service. So what better way to usher in their new look than Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us” for the soundtrack in their new ad. R.I.P. Hotmail.

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  • mrzee


  • Evil

    wow this guy is on a hot streak when it comes to selling out

  • useurmindnotatrend

    How the fuck is he selling out? U think all independent artists wanna stay stuck and stay at little league status? The fuck. He’s getting opportunities to get his music used and heard by millions which could expand his audience even further. Why shouldn’t he? Selling out is changing his message. This is still the same music u dumb fuck. That’s a dumbass and ignorant ideology

  • useurmindnotatrend

    Furthermore, hes showing u don’t have to stick to the traditional route by signing to a major and getting recognition. He’s making major moves being an indie. That’s breaking boundaries not ur dumbass def of selling out

  • guest

    this guy is not being indie.
    hes one album in and already pushing any product that will pay him.
    if he wanted to be in commercials he should be an actor.
    it seems like he did the music just to gain popularity and then just make bank of his name.
    …he wasnt in it for the music

  • useurmindnotatrend

    So making music and then getting success and mainstream popularity is a crime. Major artist get their music played in commercials all the time. Just heard no church in the wild on dodge darts commercial. Is hov selling out. No. That’s music licensing. And its smart business. Yes these are artists but music is a business too. That doesn’t automatically mean they don’t giva fuck about their music or its all a gimmick. Some ppl could be that way… But it ain’t always the case.

  • ness

    so every musician/artist with a song in a commercial is a sellout please the way the music industry is now the artist must use every available avenue to promote and ultimately profit from there work cheap bums steal music fuck u and your opinion.

  • prai$e

    white ppl and love this guy.

  • ness

    @prai$e and your momma

  • Black Chalk

    he keeps winning…they have no rush to make another album…keep milkin these hits….maybe a new video soon though

    need beats?

    ^album quality tracks

  • dave

    i just heard that “poppin tags” from this gut yesterday.hes pretty good.different but dope.this guy is doing what asher roth shoulda done lol.he stole all that nigga college and hipster fans.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    contradicting sellouts

  • prai$e

    awww ness is white 🙁

  • Waymond

    Evil summed it up as best as you can:
    “wow this guy is on a hot streak when it comes to selling out.”

    Some of you are talking about “Being successful and being on commercials isn’t selling out.” You’re right. That definitely doesn’t define a sellout. However, when you get famous with a song that preaches against consumerism & commercialism(Wings) and then rewrite that same song for the NBA All Star Weekend, for a pay check… that’s selling out IMO. No hate on the dude, he’s getting is paper and it seems like that was the ultimate goal. I love music like my little sister though so I think it’s whack as fuck. For the sake of music itself, I would definitely place him under “You Played Yourself.”

  • Quick protect his REP

    How come when someone pulls his pink flag cats writing novels about this cat?

    I mean shit son let the music and money talk for himself just cuz you can dont mean you gotta type his defense out.

    He is dope. But gay marriage will send ya straight to hell

  • Linda
  • He’s actually a lot more than one album in… His first EP was in 2000 but nice try!

  • big mack fan. his message in his music is awesome. but thats the whole point of selling out. microsoft is a giant company that stands against most of macks beliefs. or so he says. I was a little shocked to hear it in some microsoft ad. idk maybe ryan lewis had rights to the beat and ultimately sold it. out of macs character, make the money dont let the money make you? who cares if millions of people watch that commercial. in the end its still corporate brainwash for the masses. doesnt it make sense for that company to use such a positive influence on young people for such an evil deed. well played microsoft.